The Art of Doodling



I believe there is an artist in each of us.  We might not all be good artists, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play, have fun, and just enjoy the creative process!  Not every drawing, doodle or sketch, has to be gallery-worthy – sometimes it’s enough just to pick up an implement or artist’s tool and lay some lines down on a page.

I have a B.A. in studio art, but my drawing skills are rather feeble.  I was able to make decent progress (and turned out some passable drawings) for the two or so quarters I took drawing in college, but if I’m not drawing almost daily that particular skill of mine withers and nearly dies.  Collage and photography seem to flow from me best right now.  And though I hope to get back to drawing regularly one day, I’m happy to just doodle in the meantime.

I’ve done some of my best doodling while in meetings, and though you might think I was distracted from what was going on in the room, I can assure you I was paying complete attention to what was going on.  I just let my fingers move a bit as I listened!

Do you doodle?  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to save your doodles, as I have.  I glue mine in the pages of whatever art journal I’m working in at the time, and it’s fun to look back and see what was born of my fingers and my mind on a particular day.  A folder or envelope would work well to collect doodles as well.  Oh, and if you’re interested in taking doodling to a whole new level, check out Zentangle!

I have yet to get the kit, but it’s on my wish list and is something thing I hope to work into my life one of these days.  So much to do, so little time!

As I sign off from this post I encourage you to embrace your doodles, dear readers.  You may already be an artist and just don’t realize it…

Warm regards,




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  1. Posted September 7, 2010 at 12:57 pm by ho young | Permalink

    I didn’t know you had a B.A. in Studio Art! That’s pretty neat! 🙂 I’d say that some of my creative juices flowed during meetings as well… but now they’re in the round file along w/ my meeting notes!

  2. Posted September 7, 2010 at 7:06 pm by Melody | Permalink

    Hi Ho Young,
    Thank you for commenting! Perhaps you’ll save your future meeting “notes” now that you’ve read this blog post. 😮