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Letting My Inner Child Out to Play: Dandelions


One of my life’s simple pleasures, dating back to childhood, is picking a dandelion, making a wish, and blowing its fuzzy seeds to the wind.  I don’t remember the wishes I made as a child, but I’m guessing I wished for things for myself.

Though I’ve matured into an adult, I’ve retained my childlike wonder where nature is concerned, and still enjoy scattering the pieces of a dandelion’s translucent globe with a gust of breath.  However, I no longer spend my wishes on myself.

These days, when I pause to pick a dandelion and make a wish, I tend to wish for something that would benefit others.  You know – things like world peace, and happiness and good health for those in need of one or both.

Age has brought (at least some) wisdom, and I know that I need to make my own wishes and dreams come true.  Luck certainly helps, but I’ve found that action and hard work are usually far more effective than wishes.

So I’ll continue to indulge the child in me by picking, wishing, and blowing dandelion seeds to the wind.  I’ll use this simple gesture to put my good intentions and love for others out into the universe.  I’ll also keep working hard – moving steadily towards my hopes and dreams…

Warm regards,

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