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Handmade for All, Holiday Gift Boutique!


Ariella Fiore, the fabulous Quilting Mama, is hosting a holiday gift boutique
and you’re invited!

If you live in Southern California and you’ve got some holiday shopping to do, consider making a trip to Van Nuys where a unique shopping opportunity awaits you.  Each year Ariella and her “elves” merchandize part of her home and open the doors to those in search of unique and handmade gifts.  Ariella hand-selects the contributing vendors, ensuring a wide variety of quality merchandise.  Both cash and credit cards are accepted, and the single pay-point gives you the variety of an open-air market without the hassle.

Speaking of vendors, some of my creations will be available for sale, and I hope you’ll take a peek if you stop and shop at the boutique.  Choose from a variety of note card sets, and consider buying multiple packs – some for your personal correspondence and some to give as gifts!  I’ll also have earrings for sale, each pair made from vintage buttons.  A pair of these earrings would make a lovely gift or stocking stuffer.







A Shopping Extravaganza!

Items for sale by other vendors include baked goods, candles, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, bath and body items, items for babies and children, and much more!

Attention Orange County Residents

Consider making a morning or an afternoon of it, and enjoy a meal in Van Nuys before or after you shop!  Ariella recommends the following restaurants:

Nat’s Early Bite (for breakfast or lunch)
14115 Burbank Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91497

Tequila’s Restaurant (for lunch or dinner)
13627 Victory Boulevard
Van Nuys, CA 91401

Gift Boutique Dates, Times & Place

Friday, December 3rd 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Saturday, December 4th 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

14127 Kittridge Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405

Happy Shopping!

Warm regards,

p.s. If any of my Orange County readers would like to buy note card sets before I ship them off to the Quilting Mama, please let me know sometime this week. You’ll get them for a discounted price of $13 for a pack of five cards instead of the $14 I’ll be charging at the boutique!  Choose from several different images (including some not shown above), and a few variety packs!

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The Remarkable Women Series: Ariella Fiore – The Quilting Mama!

Welcome to the first installation in my Remarkable Women Series!  A little something I’ve whipped up for my blog, the Remarkable Women Series will highlight admirable women in short articles that will be posted here at melodynunez.com.  Words that might apply to these Remarkable Women will include: kind, active, talented, philanthropic, and fun!

If you haven’t subscribed to this blog already, please do so now. You’ll be eligible for upcoming giveaways and you’ll catch future blog posts – including additional installations in this series.

That said, on with the show!  Please allow me to introduce my first Remarkable Woman:

Ariella Fiore, The Quilting Mama

Ariella Fiore’s life combines the best of many worlds.  She lives in the urban San Fernando Valley, but keeps chickens.  She’s tech-savvy (and seems to be addicted to Facebook!), but also sews and puts up jam made from the fruit harvested from her fruit trees.  She’s a bit of a wild child, but is also a devoted wife and mother.




Ariella is not easily defined, and she is a spectacular example of joie de vivre.  French for “joy of living”, joie de vivre doesn’t mean that every moment and every day in Ariella’s life is perfect.  On the contrary, some of her Facebook posts mention the trials and tribulations of her everyday life.  I think Ariella embodies joie de vivre because of her gusto.  She’s not an observer – she’s an enthusiastic participant in this crazy thing we call life.

I met Ariella, then Ariella DeCastro, in my 10th grade year.  We were both students at the Alexander Hamilton Academy of Music, and she was a grade ahead of me.  We were on the same bus route, and we remained friends after she started driving herself to school soon thereafter.  I was drawn to Ariella, as many were and are, because of her kindness, sense of humor, and abundant personality.  She wasn’t a “blend in with all the others” girl – could not be shaped by the cosmic cookie cutters that molded others, restrained them.  Even then, at the ripe old age of sixteen, Ariella was unique, knew it, and – most importantly – embraced it.




Flash forward approximately 20 years, and Ariella is living the dream – her dream.  She has a loving husband, two bright and adorable children, and she’s got a garden that turns this apartment-dweller (several shades of) green with envy.  She’s active at her children’s school, involved in the Fiore family computer business (EPG Technologies), and frequently performs in local musical theater productions.

A social butterfly, Ariella has a knack for bringing people together, and her cooking and baking skills are invariably put to use whether she’s the hostess or is a guest.  On top of all that, she’s also got her own business – The Quilting Mama, which offers hand-sewn items at craft fairs and through an etsy.com store.



Ariella is a decidedly passionate person, and one of her greater passions is saving the planet.  She is the reduce-reuse-recycle queen, and is so vigilant that she doesn’t even use disposable party goods (plates, cups, etc.) when hosting get-togethers – regardless of size.  While many of us (myself included) are blithely using plastic sandwich bags and tossing them after one use, Ariella ensures that her family contributes as little to the landfills as possible.

She’s so committed to responsible living that even her Quilting Mama product line is earth-friendly.  Her reusable, sandwich-size Food Bags, Green Sleeve Coffee Cozies, and Reusable Swiffer-style Dry Cloths are just a few of the ways she’s trying to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  She also sells wonderful baby blankets, adult bibs, and other goodies.




Click here to visit The Quilting Mama Store

Oh, and don’t be afraid to contact The Quilting Mama with special requests. In the past I’ve asked for baby blankets and an adult bib with special patterns and dimensions, respectively.  Ariella was very accommodating, and the finished products were just what I hoped for.  (Please note: I’m not a paid endorser, just a fan!)

Some people you meet in life are admirable.  Some are unforgettable.  Some are fun, some are talented, and some are simply a joy to know.  Ariella Fiore is all of these things, and I’m glad to have met her on the school bus all those many years ago.

(The photo of Ariella Fiore was taken by Maggie West.  All other photos were taken by Melody Nunez)

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