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Self-Portrait Friday: 9/10/10


Welcome to this week’s installment of Self-Portrait Friday!  I suppose you’ve noticed that my self-portraits don’t always feature my face.  This is deliberate, and I’m doing it for a few reasons.  Not only do I think you’d soon grow tired of seeing me (Her again?!), I also like playing with the concept of a self-portrait – stretching the boundaries a bit.  So this week an inanimate object is taking my place in my self-portrait.

Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Mickey Mouse?

This week’s self-portrait relates to the half marathon I walked last Sunday.  This medal, which I earned for walking 13.1 miles in and around Disneyland, identifies me as a half marathoner and an endurance athlete.

It identifies me as a crazy person that will train for months (two, for this race), walk many miles in training (thank goodness for the “company” of my iPod!), and also identifies me as someone who will get up really early (at 4:15 a.m.) to gather with thousands of other crazy people before the sun rises on race day.  Yep – nutso!

Why do I do this?  As you may remember from a past blog post, one reason I do these races is to stay physically active and to keep me motivated regarding exercise.  However, I also do it “Because I can.”  I’m well aware that I’m blessed to be healthy and mobile, so I’m getting out there for the sheer joy of being able to set a goal, train, and complete these long walks. I should, I can, and I do.

What activities or hobbies in your life illustrate an aspect of you?  Please share in a comment, if you’re so inclined.

Weekend Activities & Another Way to Lend a Hand

I’m off to Santa Barbara this afternoon, and will be volunteering as a crew member for the Avon 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer that’s taking place on Saturday and Sunday.  I’m not walking the miles this time, but am happy to supportthose who are.  These fantastic walkers, including my friends CQ and MV, are logging major miles this weekend to help fight breast cancer.  I hope you’ll join me, the walkers, and the other crew members in thinking pink!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend…

Warm regards,

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Self-Portrait Friday: 8/27/10

Happy Friday!




Today’s self-portrait shows a ring on my right hand, as well as detail shots of the ring.  Made of sterling silver, this ring was custom-made by an artist I found on Etsy.  (I actually ordered three or four things from this vendor – Kathryn Riechert) “Exuberant imperfection” is a phrase I borrowed from Chris Baty, the founder of National Novel Writing Month.  On page 32 of his book No Plot? No Problem! Mr. Baty first introduces the idea of exuberant imperfection.  To paraphrase, in order to eventually write a great novel, you have to write an enthusiastic but crappy novel first – a very rough draft.  Mr. Baty wisely points out that we can seldom do something well the first time we do it, and rather than focusing on the result, we should first focus on the doing – the trying.  The skill, refinement and attempts at perfection can come later.

What does all this have to do with me, and exactly why do I like this phrase enough to put it on a ring?  I guess it’s kind of like a motto or a two-word self-portrait.  In my mind, this phrase means that I’m enthusiastic and actively participating.  That I’m passionate about life, and would rather leap, try something new, get in over my head, and/or potentially stumble than play it safe.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m far from perfect, and I know I’ll continue to make mistakes along the way, but I am proud that I’m excited about life, am seldom jaded, and that I continue to learn and grow.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Be sure to tune in Sunday when I introduce a new feature.  It will be the first installment in my Remarkable Women Series!

Warm regards,

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Welcome to Self-Portrait Friday!


What on earth is Self-Portrait Friday?!  Here’s the scoop.  I first heard about Self-Portrait Fridays on Nina Bagley’s blog, Ornamental.  (Nina Bagley is a very talented jewelry artist.  I purchased one of her necklaces years ago, and it’s one of my favorites to this day!)  The idea is pretty simple: bloggers post a self-portrait each week.  From what I understand, it’s partly for fun and partly an artistic exercise.

Perhaps you’d like to participate in Self-Portrait Fridays, too!  The benefits of Self-Portrait Fridays may include: exercising your creativity (finding ways to embody and stretch the idea of a self-portrait), developing your photography skills (playing with composition, lighting and other effects), and engaging in a little healthy self-reflection (what aspects of self do I want to share with the world?).

Photography is probably the most common way to capture a self-portrait these days, but you may certainly draw or use another medium instead.  I plan on publishing photography articles and tips in the future. Until then, I encourage you to take a lot of photos to increase your chances of getting something great, and I encourage you to PLAY.  That’s what will make Self-Portrait Friday fun, should you choose to participate yourself.

I will be posting a self-portrait every other Friday and hope you enjoy the different versions of “self” that I capture.  Today’s self-portrait is a retro shot – something I snapped last September while I waited out the rain under a rock ledge at Machu Picchu.  What a fond memory and what a wonderful trip! (I’ll post about that trip – including photos – in the future.)

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope you have a great weekend.  I’ll be doing a 13-mile training walk, visiting with family, going on location to take pictures for an upcoming blog feature, and attending a crew training event for Avon 2-day Walk for Breast Cancer volunteers.  Please wish me lots of energy and no problems with traffic!

Warm regards,

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