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Haiku: A Sure Sign of Spring


Lovely daffodil,
your sunshine yellow cheers me.
Cup, petals, and stem…

Daffodils are one of my favorite things about spring, and I look forward to their arrival each year.  I don’t have a yard to plant in, so this small bunch of daffodils was a very happy find at the market! Displayed in a Mason jar on the counter, these beautiful blooms are helping me enjoy the spring season.

What are some of your favorite signs of spring, dear readers? I invite you to comment and share…

Warm regards,


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Haiku: Winter’s Retreat


Spring is nearly here –
Transformations will abound!
Magical season…

As you may know, I live in Southern California – the land of nearly-eternal sunshine.  Our seasons don’t change very much here, so I’m dedicating this haiku to those of you in colder climates. For example, I know at least one of my out-of-state friends is still battling snow with a shovel and a snowplow.  Hang in there, my snow-bound friends!  Spring is nearly here…

Warm regards,

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