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Easter Bonnets + Bunnies = cute & funny!


Well, technically they’re hats – not bonnets, but “Easter bonnets” sounds so much cuter!

Yep, my bunnies have Easter hats.  We won’t be taking them to any egg hunts this weekend, but they’d look super cute if we did!  You probably think I’ve gone completely round the bend, and I suppose it’s possible.  But perhaps you’ll change your mind about having me committed when I tell you that these hats were gifts from my dear friend, Debbie.

She’s an artsy-craftsy gal, and is a bit mischievous, so when the idea of bonnets for bunnies came up in one of our emails exchanges I guess she just couldn’t resist.  Within a week a package arrived at my home, and I had no idea what she was sending me.  This is what I found in the box:


Not only did she send the cute little hats for Cypress & Pinto, she included a darling card and a vintage bunny cookie cutter.  So sweet!  I laughed and laughed when I opened up this box – it made my day.  I couldn’t stop laughing, and every time I look at these pictures of the bunnies in their hats I laugh, too!

So, with much laughter and gratitude, I dedicate this post to Debbie.  Thank you for the darling bonnet and hat, and for the FAB Easter package!



“This hat is delicious!”


“You want me to wear this on my head?!  Pppfftt!”


“The camera loves me!  Bask in my bunny glory.”



“You’ll pay for this, Mother.  You’d better sleep with one eye open.”


“Tie ribbons are better to chew on and to cut with my teeth than to tie anything on with.”


“Hey, whatever works.  I look cute no matter what!”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these silly pictures of our bun buns.  And whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you have a wonderful and beautiful weekend!

Warm regards,
Melody (and Cypress & Pinto!)


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Haiku: The Excavator


Fluffy white bunny
Are you digging to China?
You’re cute and messy…

As you can see, our white, female rabbit – Cypress – loves to dig.  Because our rabbits are “house rabbits” they don’t have a yard to dig in, but they do spend their daylight hours on our covered and walled patio. Hubby was inspired to get some dirt from his father’s garden (we knew it would be pesticide and poison free) and let the rabbits have at it, and Cypress is quite the digger.  Pinto doesn’t dig nearly as much.  In fact, he seems most adept at getting dirt showers from Cypress and sitting there looking all spotted and cute!

The bunnies nearly always have us laughing, and digging is just one of the things they do that makes us laugh.  What do your pets do that crack you up?  I hope you’ll comment and share their antics!

Warm regards,

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Haiku: Our Bunnies


Cute little bunnies,
you bring much laughter and joy.
Love your fluffy tails!


Happy Thursday, dear readers!  I hope your week is going well.  Friendly reminder: I’ll be announcing the three giveaway winners on Tuesday, so please enter today if you haven’t already!

Warm regards,

p.s. Do you recognize the image up top as an Instagram photo?  I used the Walden filter…


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Cutest Bunnies Ever!

They’re small. They’re soft and furry.  They’re fruit and vegetable-eating machines.  They are lagomorphs – not rodents – and we’re wrapped around their little bunny paws!  José and I have finally become pet people, and we’re so glad to have Cypress (our girl – white) and Pinto (our boy – spotted) hopping around our home.  They’ve only been with us since March of this year but they’re definitely full-fledged members of the family.  We adopted them from the Irvine Animal Care Center, and are so glad we did!


First things first:  The Irvine Animal Care Center is incredible – I highly recommend it if you live in Orange County and are looking to adopt a pet. Kay McCarley, who I affectionately think of as “The Bunny Master” because she’s so well versed in all things rabbit, is the driving force behind the rabbit program there.  She’s been an incredible resource for us – especially as first-time rabbit owners.  I’d like to thank Kay for all the time she’s taken answering our questions because she’s gone above and beyond to ensure that our adopted rabbits are healthy and happy in their new home.


Second: No, our rabbits will not be multiplying rapidly, as rabbits are well known for.  All the animals offered for adoption from the IACC have been fixed (or “altered”), which is a wonderful thing.  No need to worry about the expense and hassle of taking your pet in later on (or helping them with their post-surgery recovery).  They’re already good to go when you adopt, and won’t surprise you with a pregnancy before you can get them fixed!


Third: In case you didn’t know, rabbits make excellent house pets!  If you think you should keep rabbits outside in a hutch, please think again.  Our rabbits are litter box trained, and live with us inside our apartment.  If you can give them enough space in an exercise pen or cage indoors, and are willing to bunny-proof at least a section of your home, you can have a happy little bun bun (or two) as house pets, too.


*If you’re interested in having pet rabbits, please adopt instead of buying from a pet store.  And since bunnies and rabbits require pretty specific care and conditions, please be sure to do research on what’s involved before you adopt.  The House Rabbit Society at www.rabbit.org is a great resource!


Though we did a lot of research on rabbits before we signed the adoption papers, we didn’t know exactly what to expect.  It’s been six months and we’ve been delighted with their personalities, bowled over by their utter cuteness, and they definitely keep us entertained and laughing.  The hopping, running, jumping, flopping, yawning, and chewing is so cute when coming from a 5 or 6 pound ball of fur.  It’s official: we’re hooked on these little buggers.  Welcome to the family, Cypress and Pinto!

Please feel free to post a comment telling me how completely adorable our bunnies are.  As a devoted “bunny parent”, I’ll eat it up!

Warm regards,

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