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Remarkable Women Series: Wendy Telford – The Travel Queen!


Are you familiar with the phrase “A rolling stone gathers no moss”?  The person who coined that expression could’ve easily been talking about Wendy Telford!  Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Wendy has traveled far and wide, despite humble beginnings.  Wendy and her siblings were raised by their mother, and though they didn’t have much in the way of money, they had an adoring and capable parent that passed on her can-do attitude to her children.

Wendy took that inheritance of confidence and ran.  Over the years her enthusiasm, incredible work ethic, and ingenuity have brought her many wonderful things in life, including a happy home life with her husband and two (now grown) children, the travel she loves, pets galore, and friendships aplenty!  She’s kind, helpful and hilarious – Wendy is one of the all-around best people you could ever hope to know.

Oh, and I’m not kidding about the extensive travel, folks. For years Wendy traveled for work as a marketing and tradeshow manager, and between work and pleasure Wendy has visited 36 of the 50 United States.  One of Wendy’s recent “for pleasure” trips took her to Arkansas by plane.  From there she drove to Kansas, then Texas, then Phoenix, and on to New Mexico before driving the rest of the way home to San Diego.  She logged a total of 3,154 driving miles and visited seven different groups of people on the way home, and this is the kind of trip she doesn’t think twice about.  Wendy is game for just about anything!

Wendy is also a seasoned international traveler.  She’s been to nine countries, and has been to Italy fourteen times.  Italy has stolen Wendy’s heart, it seems, and she’s found a wonderful way to ensure her return yearly – and sometimes visits twice a year.  Wendy has a small import business, and just has to go purchase the items herself.  I know – I feel terrible for her, too!



It’s really quite clever.  Wendy travels to Italy, generally traveling from South to North, and buys Italian ceramics and other goods along the way.  She finds things that are well-priced, easy to transport, and that will sell well back home – something she’s determined from multiple trips and by selling at many open-air markets.  Wendy ships some of the goods home, and takes the rest back home in big suitcases.



If you’re like me, you’re wondering how on earth she gets ceramics home via the airlines without breakage. Not surprisingly, her answer is bubble wrap.  LOTS of bubble wrap.  And though I understand bubble wrap’s protective qualities I also know how rough those luggage handlers can be.  It’s nothing short of a miracle that only one piece has been damaged in the past five years.

Wendy’s most recent trip to Italy included a stop at a bubble wrap factory where she shocked the staff by buying a massive roll of bubble wrap that was almost as tall as she is, and then proceeding to fill the rental car with it.  Even Wendy’s husband, Don, who has known Wendy to do some unusual things, was slightly taken aback. Yep – Wendy can do.  Just watch her!



Back home, Wendy unpacks and prices everything, and then takes her wares to open-air markets in the San Diego area.  She’s often at The Scripps Ranch Farmers Market (Saturday) and the La Jolla Farmers Market (Sunday).  She also participates in the yearly Little Italy Festa and Sicilian Festa.



Wendy sells her Italian imports at home parties as well.  She offers a 10% discount to the host or hostess of the party, in addition to some other goodies, and will travel to your home in Southern California if you can meet her required number of guests.

If you’re interested in hosting a home party, please contact Wendy via email at wendytel@cox.net.  Or just stop by one of the markets she frequents to say hello.  And just think – if you purchase something you’ll be helping to deplete her stock.  That will eventually require Wendy to travel back to Italy.  How wonderful!  Quanto meraviglioso!

Warm regards,

Photo credits: Photos taken in Italy were taken by Don & Wendy Telford.  All other photos were taken by Melody Nuñez.

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