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Marcelino’s Garden


In my mind the word “art” encompasses so much more than mediums like drawing and painting.  I think artful endeavors also include things like cooking, working with textiles, making music and so on.  Some of us have green thumbs and bring beauty to the word via plant life.  My father-in-law, Marcelino, is one of those people – gardening is his art.

I’ve been a fan of my father-in-law’s garden since I first started dating my husband nearly 18 years ago.  I’ve enjoyed countless visits to my husband’s childhood home over the years, where his parents still reside, and during each visit I take time to admire my father-in-law’s “living canvas”.  His garden is a bit different each time I visit, and I always enjoy the arrangement, the colors, the scents, and the textures.

He moves some of his plants around, includes a variety of both ornamental and edible plants, and cultivates a playful feeling in his garden.  Chile plants and tomatoes help to nourish loved ones – beauties like roses, calla lilies and geraniums give our eyes something to feast on.  And while the contents of Marcelino’s garden are primarily plants accented with garden sculpture, you may also find a chandelier hanging from an avocado tree or see an old plastic toy lizard left over from my hubby’s childhood glowering menacingly at you from the crook of a tree.  Those whimsical touches are among my favorites.

The photos in this post were taken over Easter weekend.  I used a macro lens on my iPhone to capture these “up close and personal” images of some of the plants that my father-in-law nurtures and tends to.  I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating Marcelino’s favorite way to make art…


Tomato plant






Passion Flower tendril




Tiny orange chile






Chile flower


Calla lily leaf

I hope you’re all having a great week thus far…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: Tiny Bloom


Such a tiny bloom
About the size of a dime.
Your beauty awes me…

Have you spied any tiny treasures in nature recently, dear readers?  Do tell!

Warm regards,

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Haiku: Up Close


Tiny, dried, brittle.
I have not overlooked you.
I see your beauty…

I recently took this photo with my iPhone using a macro lens.  A macro lens on an iPhone, you say?!  Yes! Hubby gave me 3 tiny lenses – that attach to my iPhone – for Christmas.  What a treat!  I was lucky enough to receive a fish eye lens, a zoom lens, and a combo macro/wide angle lens and have been having fun experimenting with them.  I hope to post more photos taken with these lenses in the coming months. They’re available at photojojo.com if you’re interested.

(I’m not affiliated with the company in any way, just a lucky gift recipient.)

Warm regards,

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iPhone + Instagram: A Match Made in Photographic Heaven


If you have an iPhone and haven’t tried Instagram, trust me – you’re missing out!  Instagram is an iPhone app that allows you customize the look and feel of your iPhone photos quickly and easily.  The eleven photo filters range in appearance and mood, and they quickly transform a photo into something special.  You can then share the image with others – swiftly and easily – via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.  Instagram is a free app, so you’ve got nothing to lose, and I’m certain you’ll be as charmed by Instagram as I am.

LOVE That Look…

Here are some of the photos that I took with my iPhone and then “Instagramed”.  I’m listing the name of the filter I used on each of the photos below the image, so you know how Instagram helped me achieve the different looks.  (The photo up top was treated with the Lomo-fi filter)


X-Pro II






Lord Kelvin




X-Pro II


Lord Kelvin


Sharing vs. Privacy

Though a big part of Instagram’s charm is the look of the photos, another key component is the sharing of your photos.  You can easily share your photos with family, friends, and photo friends by selecting the desired audience once your photo is ready.  Through this sharing function, Instagram provides a unique way to share and stay in touch, and a way for you to follow the photos of those you admire.

Please note: Instagram is a public sharing platform, and your profile defaults to a public setting.  This means others can see your photos and subscribe to follow your photos, so don’t Instagram anything you wouldn’t want the world to see!  However, there is a private option, which allows you to approve all “follow” requests before they’re implemented.  To set your profile’s privacy settings, just go to “profile” and “privacy” – which is at the very bottom.


iPhones ONLY?  Really?

Yes, it’s sad but true. Instagram is only available for iPhones – for now.  The folks at Instagram want to make sure they’re solid with one platform before moving on to others.  Waiting can be a pain, but hopefully the prospect of additional platforms gives non-iPhone users something to look forward to.

In the meantime, non-iPhoners can live vicariously through me!  I’ll be posting more Instagram photos on Twitter (@melodymnunez) and on my website’s Facebook fan page, so please follow my Instagram photo adventures in one or both of these places.

If you’re an iPhone user, have you tried Instagram?  What do you think?  I’d love to get your feedback…

Warm regards,

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