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Quilt #3 – Jelly Roll Race Quilt


Hi there!  I hope you’re all having a great week thus far.

Quilt Mania continues!  I just finished my third quilt – a Jelly Roll Race Quilt.  (I watched this video featuring the fabulous Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co. to help me assemble it.) The idea behind this quilt is that you use a pre-packaged “jelly roll” of fabric, pull the 2 1/2″ wide strips off in the existing order, and are able to sew the quilt top together very quickly. Some quilt guilds even get together and race to see who can finish their tops the fastest! Given that I’m still pretty new to sewing and quilting, this quilt top took longer to put together than it would for some, but I still finished it in an afternoon.


Fabric: I used batiks – Hummingbird Bali Pop by Hoffman, and Oh. My. Word.  This jelly roll combines two of my favorite colors, purple and teal/turquoise, and I LOVE it!  As I was sewing I found myself focusing on little snippets of the quilt – places where different colors and patterns converged – and I was so happy. I enjoyed drinking the fabrics in, and know this quilt will be a favorite!

Thread & Quilting: I opted to quilt with a variegated cotton thread by Coates.  The thread is a variety of purples, and I quilted in a meandering vertical pattern.  I need lots more practice with the actual quilting.  This one looks like I was engaging in drunken quilting (I wasn’t!), so I’m hoping the beautiful colors and patterns of the fabric distract from the erratic quilting. ;]


“Drunken” quilting – after the quilt was washed


Other details: The backing fabric is Dahlia Blooms – one of the fabrics included in the Jelly Roll package.  The finished size of the quilt is 49″ x 62″. I chose to machine bind this quilt working with 3″ binding strips to avoid any gaps as I sewed, and this did work as far as adequate coverage and overall tidiness, but the extra fabric is a bit excessive so I’ll probably try to perfect machine quilting with 2 3/4″ binding strips and a s-l-o-w-e-r pace.

I may try to work on a few smaller projects next to use up some of the batting scraps I have.  Waste not want not, right? :]

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at my newest quilt.  Until next time!

Warm regards,

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