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Slide Mailer Pendants


I’m pleased to share my newest Design Team project – these slide mailer pendants were so fun to make! They were made to be pendants on long necklaces, but they’d also make lovely ornaments. You can hang them on ribbon, on a long chain, or hang them from an ornament hook.  I included a special photo in each pendant – one of my Grandma Neva, and one of my Aunt Bobby, but you can customize both the interior and exterior of your pendants however you’d like.

Botanical Slide Mailer Pendant

Apply gesso or white craft paint to a cardboard medical slide mailer.  Let dry.


Stamp cover of slide mailer with a stamp image from the Romantic Botanicals stamp set using Black StazOn ink. Acting quickly, immediately sprinkle gold and silver Schmincke powder on the image, giving it a light dusting.  Wait a moment or two, then dust off the excess metallic powder with a soft, dry paintbrush.


Trim a photo to fit inside the recessed rectangular spot on the inside of the slide mailer and glue down. Use more gold Schmincke powder, water, and a paintbrush to add a metallic gold frame around the edge of the photo.  Attach a silver metal tag with the word “heart” stamped on it to the bottom of the photo, and attach a small metallic gold paper heart on the right side of the tag.


Use an awl to poke a hole in the top center of the right side of the mailer, and run a large silver jump ring through the hole.  Finish the piece by accenting the front panel of the slide mailer pendant with gold metallic rub-ons.  Thread the jump ring with ribbon or a chain.


Notions Slide Mailer Pendant

Apply gesso or white craft paint to a cardboard medical slide mailer.  Let dry.  Stamp cover of slide mailer with the stitched edge border stamp from the Stitches & Dots stamp set using Black StazOn ink.  Apply another layer of gesso over the top of the stamped panel – this mutes the intensity of the stitching.

Trim a photo to fit inside the recessed rectangular spot on the inside of the slide mailer and glue down.  Use 1/8” black masking tape to frame the photo in black, or simply mat the photo with black cardstock before gluing the photo down – making sure the black mat fits within the opening.

Attach a small button to the rounded section of the recessed opening with an Elmer’s Glue Spot or a glue dot.


Use an awl to poke a hole in the top left corner of the right side of the mailer, and run a large silver jump ring through the hole. Attach three buttons to the cover panel with Glue Spots or glue dots, and thread the jump ring with ribbon or a chain.


I hope you like these pendants as much as I do!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  I reply to all comments and questions, and am always happy to hear from you, dear readers…

Warm regards,

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Design Team Project: Alice in Wonderland


My most recent Design Team project for crescendoh.com was made using their Danita & Wonderland Friends Kit.  The kit comes complete with three canvases, Wonderland images, fabric squares, crocheted embellishments, and more.  The fun comes in deciding how to make the canvases uniquely yours!  Here’s how I made mine…

Begin by gluing a fabric square onto each canvas panel.  Set aside to dry.  Color the three Alice & Wonderland Friends images with watercolor pencils, then use a small paintbrush to blend the colors with water.  Set images aside to dry.


Cut narrow strips of the vintage book text with a paper trimmer, and glue down onto the fabric-covered canvas as shown, overlapping the two pieces in the upper corner.


Cut three small squares of watercolor paper, and stamp the capital letters A, H, and R (I used the Best Life Alphabet) on the three paper squares with black ink.  Accent the edge of each letter square with metallic rub-ons.  I used pink on the A, red on the H, and blue on the R.  Glue the letter square onto the canvas where the two strips of book text overlap.


Carefully cut out Alice and her friends, and attach them to the canvas with glue.  Affix the three crocheted elements next to the three characters. I used the flower with Alice, the mushroom with the rabbit, and the heart with the Hatter.


Please let me know if you have any questions!

Warm regards,


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“American Pie” Apron


As a member of the CRESCENDOh Design Team, I get the opportunity to play with stamps and kits in exchange for sharing the projects I create – such fun!  I recently had the pleasure of making an apron from an Apron of My Eye kit (American Pie), and love the results.  I hadn’t sewn since making a pillow in home economics when I was in the 7th grade, but took this kit along to a first sewing lesson and was able to complete the apron with guidance from my sewing teacher – fellow Design Team member Cynthia Shaffer.  I’d planned out my design before heading over, and just needed to do the actual sewing.


I love this apron kit for multiple reasons.  First of all, the fabrics included in each kit are a bit different, so no two aprons will ever be exactly alike.  Second, I was able to lay out the apron’s design myself so it’s perfectly suited to me.  For example, I’m a big fan of symmetry; I was able to make my apron beautifully symmetrical.  I also opted not to include a pocket, but did include a decorative four-square panel front and center.  And finally, because this project doesn’t require complete precision and is supposed to be a bit more funky it’s well suited to multiple skill levels.


Virtually everything I needed was included in the kit.  All I pulled from my personal stash was thread and five buttons (though three buttons were included in the kit).  Nice!  I had ten fabric squares and a few bits of trim left over – because I opted not to include them in my design – and have tucked them into my stash of art supplies for future use.  I look forward to wearing this darling apron, though it’s almost too cute to use!


I hope you have a great day, and a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

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Green Craft Project: Upcycled & Embellished Metal Cans


I recently created a new Design Team project for Jenny Doh of CRESCENDOh, and would like to share it with you, too, dear readers.  I love how the project turned out, and hope you will, too!  I wanted to make use of some of Jenny’s wonderful rubber stamps and some vintage wallpaper that a friend gifted me with (thank you, KS!).  Here’s what I came up with:

Upcycled & Embellished Metal Cans

Rather than throw out or recycle metal food cans, why not upcycle them and make darling containers for treats, flowers, or a gift?  I used vintage wallpaper to cover these cans, but you could easily use scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper – whatever you have on hand or catches your eye.  You could even create your own decorative paper with some blank paper and rubber stamps.  This project could be created with a million variations, and I hope you’re inspired to create some of your own.

I started my project with cans in three different sizes.  The smallest can held tomato sauce, the middle-sized can held corn, and the largest can held bread crumbs.  I removed the labels, and washed and dried them.  My cans were free of sharp edges – please be careful to make sure you don’t cut or scrape yourself when working with your metal cans.


Wrap the cans with your decorative paper, securing the ends with double-stick tape.  If desired, apply a coat of matte Mod Podge.  I put Mod Podge on the two smaller cans, to bring the paper’s color out even more (floral with bird), and to protect the paper from water because I’d be putting water in the can (floral with quote).

Wrap ribbon, bias tape, or twill tape along the top and bottom edges of the can, using double stick adhesive or hot glue to attach the trim to the can.  I used bias tape on the two smaller cans, and twill tape on the largest can.  This decorative border will also cover any small gaps between the edge of the paper and the edge of the cans.  Align the ends of your trim with the seam of your paper in the back for a neater look.

To create a handle like the ones shown on the two smaller sizes, punch one hole on each side of the can with an awl or a nail and a small hammer.  Form a wire handle and insert the ends of the wire into each punched hole, winding the wire around to secure it near the top edge of the can.

Small can: Stamp the bird from the Sweet Tweets stamp set onto a tag with black ink.  Affix a vintage button to the top of the tag, and attach the tag to the top edge of the can. Fill with treats like Easter candy.



Medium can: Stamp a quote from the Ordinary Sparkling Sentiments stamp set onto watercolor paper using black ink.  Stamp two butterflies from the same stamp set near the quote.  Color in the butterfly wings with silver gel pen.  Accent the edges of the quote with metallic rub-ons.  Attach the quote to the wire handle with a small wooden clothespin.  Fill the can with flowers, then carefully fill the can with water.



Large can: Stamp initials from the Best Life Alphabet stamp set in black ink onto cream cardstock.  Stamp a decorative bracket from the Ordinary Sparkling Embellishments stamp set on either side of the initials.  Color in the brackets with black ink, and embellish with tiny rhinestones.  Mount the initials block onto black cardstock, creating a narrow black frame, and attach the finished piece to the can with double-stick tape.  Fill the can with a gift or other items of your choosing.



Happy crafting!

Warm regards,

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New Artwork & Blog Scheduling Update


A new piece of my artwork has been posted at crescendoh.com – hooray!  This month’s Design Team project is a canvas-based mixed media piece.  I started with the Danita & Me kit, and put my own twist on the project. Rather than use the front of the kit’s canvas, I turned it over and used the back!  I love that the same kit yields different results for each and every person that uses it.  We’re all unique, and these kits (and the related example projects on the crescendoh.com website) illustrate that perfectly.


In addition to using the back of the canvas, I incorporated two of my favorite mixed media elements into the piece: alphabet stamps/text and masking tape!  Please click here to see the piece at crescendoh.com, to read the instructions, and to learn how I made it.

Twice, Instead of Thrice

I’m nearly six months into this blog, and am really enjoying the process.  There’s been a bit of trial and error, and I’ve made little tweaks along the way.  For example, I’ve let a feature or two fade away, but maintain a regular posting schedule in an effort to keep your interest and to keep creating and challenging myself.

I will continue to post regularly, and will continue with my mixture of “writing, art, and life in general”, but will move from three posts per week to two.  Until I’m able to switch from full-time corporate to full-time creative this will help me maintain a better life balance.  That said, I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post a comment on this blog post.  For example, if you love a particular type of feature (recipes, haiku, travel, ethnic markets), and would like to see more, please let me know.  If you’re too shy to post a comment, please get in touch through the comments page here.  Your message will come directly to me via email.

Thank you for following my blog – I appreciate your time and your interest!

Warm regards,

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A New Project & My Pay It Forward Video!


A New Design Team Project

Here is a new project I created for Jenny Doh over at crescendoh.com. It’s a photo card with a twist!  Rather than just featuring the photo by itself, I’ve stamped vellum and stitched it to the photo.  It’s easy to do, and adds both a message and texture.  To see more photos, and to read the project instructions, please click here.

Yours Truly on video…

As many of you know, I teach art journaling to at-risk elementary school children.  I’ll be teaching this year’s class this coming Friday, and am so excited!  I spoke about this project, and how it’s one of my favorite ways to Pay It Forward, on a video shot for crescendoh.com – you can watch the video by clicking here.  Thanks again to everyone who donated to this project – I couldn’t do it without you!

Please keep your eyes peeled for my future design team projects – they’ll be posted monthly!  And please look for a write-up about Friday’s art journaling class, coming later this month or early next month.

Warm regards,

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