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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!


I really enjoy decorating for the holidays, and was excited to change things up a bit this year.  We usually decorate with the same items and theme, and I decided this year would be different.  Why?  I guess it feels like I missed out on celebrating some things this year since I didn’t dress up for Halloween and was sick on Thanksgiving Day with a nasty headache.  So, when it came to Christmas I decided to go big.  I’m feeling particularly festive since I’ve been cleared by the doctor for full use of both my hands.  Hurray!  It was a real pleasure to decorate our home for the holidays, and I hope you enjoy what I came up with.

Doilies Everywhere!

As I mentioned in my Doily-Inspired Mandalas post, I’ve collected a number of doilies over the past few months.  One of the lots of doilies included several identical white doilies, and I decided to make a garland with them – to hang over a doorway.  I also decided to use some of the larger doilies for wall decor.  But first I had to stiffen them. Armed with a mixture I made by cooking cornstarch and water, I did just that.


The eight white doilies are linked together with old-school brass brads.  I added some ribbon bows and vintage silver candy molds to add some “pop”.


These three large doilies look nice alongside the window, and the silver floral trim that I glued in the center really added some sparkle to otherwise flat pieces.


This view is from the bedroom, showing the backside of the garland – looking towards the tree.


Our tree has to be elevated up off the ground because of our pet rabbits, and I decided to use a table cloth that my mother-in-law cross-stitched years ago for our “tree skirt”.  I love the look of it, and it has a lot of sentimental value.


Our main tree, lit.  I left our typical hand-painted tin Mexican ornaments off the tree this year, and used lights, glass bulbs and snowflakes instead.  I already had all those things though – the only things I purchased were the doilies used elsewhere in the room.


I found this vintage tinsel star at a thrift store in Kansas in 2009.  Cost?  A mere 75 cents!


This smaller green tree sits atop our bookshelf.  If those star ornaments look familiar, it’s because I shared how to make them in a DIY post last year: Aluminum Star Ornaments!  The star atop the tree is – yep, you guessed it – another stiffened doily.  I glued an old rhinestone earring into the center of the star to add some oomph.  The tree’s base and the the top of the bookshelf were “doilied”, too. :]


Here are the little tree and wreath that I put out in the studio, in the corner next to (and above) my desk.  Tinsel rules in the studio this year, but I still have doilies under the tree and under the tiny baby Jesus.


And of course, here’s the Vintage Crocheted Wreath I shared on Tuesday – which is hanging on the inside of our front door.

I wasn’t kidding when I said there are doilies every where!  The look I was going for is Modern Vintage, which is how I often describe my artwork – particularly my collages.  I love vintage, but want to keep it “clean” and interesting – and I don’t want it to look too saccharine.  Pretty, unique, and a bit unexpected – those are words I’d like used to describe this year’s decor.  Do you think I succeeded in keeping a bit of an edge?

Do you have a theme that you work with when it comes to your holiday decor, dear readers?  I hope you’ll comment and share.  Oh, and if you’re interested in the recipe/process for stiffening the doilies with cornstarch, just let me know.  I’d be happy to post a link in the comments to the page I referenced when I worked on the doilies.

Warm regards,

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My Festive Cubicle!


It’s that time of year again – time to bring some holiday cheer to my cubicle at work!  I decorate differently each year, and enjoy the variety of using new color schemes and decorative themes.  Some of you may remember last year’s décor, which included many of the vintage elements I collect: old spools of thread, postcards and letters, black and white photos, ribbons, and silver cooking/baking molds.  I loved the way last year’s decorations came together, and though I’ve gone a completely different route this year, I love this decorating scheme just as much.

I decided to use the vintage tin ornaments that I purchased at a thrift store last month as the starting point for my décor – everything grew from there.  I was lucky enough to score fourteen ornaments for a mere $7, and though I was tempted to add them to the cache of tin ornaments that grace our tree at home, I ultimately decided to debut them at the office.

I already had the silver wreath and silver tree, as well as the vintage star tree topper.  In fact, I didn’t have to purchase a thing to deck my cube out in silvery style – aside from the vintage tin ornaments.  The silver stars on the walls are the aluminum star ornaments I made and posted about last week.  (Click here for instructions on how to make them.)

The other decorative element I made myself is the white hand-cut snowflakes, and the only materials needed for those were copy paper and scissors.  My cubicle décor is definitely both frugal and festive!


The silver wreath frames a tin angel ornament.


The silver tree is decked with a star tree topper, glass ball ornaments, and more tin ornaments.


Snowflakes, lights, ribbons, and trim spruce up the beige fabric walls of my cubicle.


Six of these vintage ornaments hang on the tree.


The aluminum star ornaments I made from Diet Coke cans brighten the walls, along with paper snowflakes.


Two vintage bird ornaments are nestled among the cloud of white at the base of the tree…

I’ve decorated at home already, too.  Have you put up your holiday decorations yet?  Will you decorate at work?  I welcome your comments…

Warm regards,

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