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Another Look: Haiku

Welcome to a new installment of Another Look!  This post is designed to share a handful of goodies from my archive while I’m recovering from my surgeries.  I hope you enjoy these links, whether you’re seeing them for the first time or have seen them once before.  Today’s category is haiku!  Just click on the name of the post to link over…


It’s the Little Things


Nature’s Lace


 A Santa Barbara Morning   

Often Overlooked

I hope you’ve enjoyed these poem that I paired with some of my photographs.  Please feel free to comment with a haiku of your own!

Warm regards,

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Haiku: A Change of Seasons


Summer is coming.
Warm days blurred, simple pleasures.
A sensory feast…

Though I’m not a fan of the heat, I do enjoy some of what summer brings.  Clear, starry nights.  Gardens bursting with edible bounty.  More sunlight, “longer” days.  Independence Day, sparklers, and fireworks. Barbecues. Ice cream cones. Fireflies (which I’ve only seen in-person once when visiting the midwest). Crickets singing late into the night.

What are some of your favorite things about summer, dear readers?  What do you look forward to as summer approaches?  Please post a comment and share – I’d love to hear…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: A Sure Sign of Spring


Lovely daffodil,
your sunshine yellow cheers me.
Cup, petals, and stem…

Daffodils are one of my favorite things about spring, and I look forward to their arrival each year.  I don’t have a yard to plant in, so this small bunch of daffodils was a very happy find at the market! Displayed in a Mason jar on the counter, these beautiful blooms are helping me enjoy the spring season.

What are some of your favorite signs of spring, dear readers? I invite you to comment and share…

Warm regards,


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Haiku: Cambria


Days in Cambria:
relaxed, quiet, beautiful.
Love that it’s tranquil…

I’m currently on my second annual week-long retreat in this magical spot along California’s Central Coast.  (Thank you for your hospitality, T.E.L!)  I’ll drive home to hubby and the bunnies this weekend, and will return to blogging from Southern California next week.  In the meantime, I’m wishing you a relaxed, quiet and beautiful weekend…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: A Simple Pleasure


Olallieberry –
so good on buttered wheat toast!
This jam is a treat…

Until a few years ago I’d never tasted olallieberry jam, and boy was I missing out!  I was introduced to the wonders of olallieberry by my friend, Ariella Fiore, and I’m so glad I was.  I bought some jars of homemade jam from Ariella, and was instantly smitten with both the taste and the deep, jewel-like color.

Given that I was an “olallieberry virgin” I had to Google olallieberries, and learned from Wikipedia that they’re a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry.  The olallieberry “grandparents” are the more familiar blackberry, raspberry, and dewberry.  I guess it’s fair to say this is a hybrid berry love child, blessed with both good looks and great taste!

As you probably guessed from the haiku above I love to put this jam on hot, buttered wheat toast.  And while I’d also love to use it for sandwiches, and maybe ice cream topping, I’m resisting the urge.  Because I only get a certain number of jars of jam from Ariella each year I kind of ration it.  Yep, I’m a jam hoarder!

I use regular Smucker’s Strawberry Jam for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and save this jam for my breakfast toast.  This year I purchased six 8 oz. jars of ollalieberry jam, and hope we make it through the year without running out.  Sure, I can make do with something else, but life is sweeter and brighter with olallieberry jam from Ariella’s kitchen…


Do you have special ingredient, condiment, or treat that you savor?  Something that makes a meal special for you?  I’d love to hear about it.

Warm regards,

p.s. Ariella (aka The Quilting Mama) was the first to be featured in my Remarkable Women Series.  She sings, acts, sews, cooks and bakes like nobody’s business.  She lives in The Valley (Like, Omigod!), but keeps chickens, gardens, and harvest fruit from the family’s trees.  I love her jam, and am also a fan of her Plenty Big Blankets and bibs for adults.  (I had a bib custom-made for my large, spill-prone father.) Hurray, Ariella – go on with your talented, eclectic self!

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Haiku: Lavender


Lavender petals
and a deep yellow pollen –
exquisite beauty.

I love taking a stroll around the nursery, drinking in the beauty of the plants.  Between the shapes, textures, patterns, colors and scents I’m in heaven – it’s such a treat for my senses.  I yearn for the day when I’ll finally have a garden, and can grow fruits and veggies in addition to flowers.  In the meantime, you just may run into me strolling around the aisles and paths at the local nursery – camera in hand and a smile on my face…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: The Excavator


Fluffy white bunny
Are you digging to China?
You’re cute and messy…

As you can see, our white, female rabbit – Cypress – loves to dig.  Because our rabbits are “house rabbits” they don’t have a yard to dig in, but they do spend their daylight hours on our covered and walled patio. Hubby was inspired to get some dirt from his father’s garden (we knew it would be pesticide and poison free) and let the rabbits have at it, and Cypress is quite the digger.  Pinto doesn’t dig nearly as much.  In fact, he seems most adept at getting dirt showers from Cypress and sitting there looking all spotted and cute!

The bunnies nearly always have us laughing, and digging is just one of the things they do that makes us laugh.  What do your pets do that crack you up?  I hope you’ll comment and share their antics!

Warm regards,

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Haiku: Growth


Outer skin is dry,
but new growth can still prevail.
Life’s what we make it.


With the bulk of the holidays past, my thoughts are turning to the New Year.  What do you hope to do, see, and be in 2012?  I’m still shuffling things around in my mind, but I know I want my heart, understanding, kindness and generosity to keep on growing…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: For the Dearly Departed


Flowers, candles, food – 
Day of the Dead approaches.
Loving remembrance…

I recently snapped this photo of a marigold, and wanted to share it with you now because marigolds make me think of  Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos.  Celebrated on November 1st (children) and November 2nd (adults), Day of the Dead is a time to honor loved ones who have passed on.  It’s a way to celebrate them, and is an attempt to lure their spirits back to earth by offering them some of their earthly favorites.  Shrines are constructed, and the shrines often include candles, marigolds, the deceased’s favorite food, photographs, and other personal items.  I think it’s a lovely way to remember and honor those who have left us.

I created a shrine for my husband’s grandmother some years back, and wrote an accompanying article that was published in Somerset Memories magazine (then known as Legacy).  (Here’s a link to a scan of the article, in case you’re interested in reading it.)  Since the piece was published I’ve lost my beloved Aunt Bobby, my Grandma Neva, and my stepmother Dottie.  And though I’m not creating shrines for them this year, I am definitely honoring them and remembering them during this year’s Day of the Dead celebrations – as I do every day of the year…

Warm regards,

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Haiku: Little Bee


Don’t like your stinger,
but I do love your honey.
Thank you, little bee.


I hope you’re all having a beautiful week…

Warm regards,

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