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Holiday Favorites – My December “To Do” List!


There are certain things that I enjoying doing each year when December rolls around.  They’re things that I must do or experience in order for the Christmas season to be its best – at least for me.  I know everyone celebrates different things and/or in different ways, and I really love that celebrating is unique to each individual or family.  Tradition, culture and personalities play such a big part, don’t you think?

Here are some of My Holiday Favorites – things that I love to partake in each year, if I can:

  • Watching the movie “Elf” starring Will Ferrell.  Buddy the Elf is so innocent, gleeful, and funny.  I love it!
  • Decorating for the holidays
  • Making – and eating – Magic Cookie Bars!  I could literally eat a whole pan myself, they’re SO good. :]
  • Listening to the Soundtrack from The Nutcracker
  • Eating Dryer’s Peppermint Ice Cream.  Yum!
  • Doing something to help those in need, like donating food to a food bank
  • Listening to the song “Feliz Navidad”, performed by José Feliciano.  I listen to it several times during the month – it fills me with joy!
  • Baking sugar cookies.  When I was little my family used to make the kind of sugar cookies that you have to roll out and cut with cookie cutters, which was fun, but these days I go with a sugar cookie recipe that’s easier to make and is simply scrumptious.

What’s on your holiday “Must Do” list?  Please comment and share…

Warm regards,

p.s. Yep, that little girl in the blue dress in the photo up top was me – over 35 year ago. It was my one and only picture with Santa as a child. :]

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Another Look: Odds & Ends

Welcome to a new installment of Another Look!  This post is designed to share a handful of goodies from my archive while I’m recovering from my surgeries.  I hope you enjoy these links, whether you’re seeing them for the first time or have seen them once before.  Today’s category is Odds & Ends!  Just click on the name of the post to link over…


A Flower for Neva Lenora

Letting My Inner Child Out to Play: Roller Skating


Mad for Movies!

Santa Ana Artists Village


Letting My Inner Child Out to Play: The County Fair


Dim Sum – Yum!

What are some of your favorite “Inner Child” activities? Please comment and share.

Warm regards,

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Adventures in Healing


Greetings!  I hope you’re all enjoying the summer.  Just thought I’d pop in with a quick hello and update. My first surgery was a month ago, and it’s been a challenge to take it easy.  How does a gal who’s used to doing so much with her hands spend her time when she can’t use them?  Here’s some of what I’ve been up to…

Reading: I’ve read several novels, including the wonderfully imaginative book The Night Circus.

Movies: I’ve watched several movies on DVD and some in the theater.  The movie Robot and Frank (which we saw in the theater) was particularly enjoyable!

TV: We no longer have cable, but have watched the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the United States of Tara on Netflix streaming.  We’re also a few seasons into How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and I’m looking forward to the new season of Survivor, which starts on September 19th!

Documentaries: I’ve watched video biographies on Frida Kahlo, Monet, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh. I also watched a documentary on Yellow Fever, of all things.

Making left-handed art while my right hand mends: Here are a few iPhone photos of the somewhat messy, smooshy pages I created with my non-dominant hand (including the collage image up top).



I’ve also spent some time basking in the ridiculously abundant cuteness of my rabbits.  Aren’t they adorable?


Cypress – AKA Plumpie – stretches out…


Pinto was ready for his closeup!

The next surgery, on my left hand, will be mid-month.  (At least this time I know what to expect!)  I can’t wait to get back to work and to life in general.  I’ve got art to create, things to bake, photos to take, and public school children to teach art to! :]  In the meantime please feel free to comment if you’d like to suggest a book or movie – I’d be glad to hear from you.

Warm regards,

p.s Please keep my at-risk public school students in mind if you’re out shopping for school supplies or other goodies.  I’ll be hosting another Art Supply Drive in October, and would love to receive your donations of glue sticks (we need LOTS of these), Crayola crayon 8-packs, etc.  If you’re interested, you can see a wish list at the bottom of this page.  Thanks so much!

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From the Archives: some blogtastic posts you may have missed the first time around…


I’ve been a very busy girl!  I’ve published over 135 posts in the last year, and since you may have missed a few – especially if you’re a newer reader – I thought I’d mention the ARCHIVES feature that resides along the right side of this page – just below RECENT POSTS.  Simply select a month and go!  You may start at the very beginning (August 2010) and read forward, or just skip around.

In addition, here’s a compilation of links, by category, to some of the more popular posts I’ve published in the last year.  I hope you’ll all find something interesting (and possibly “new to you”) to enjoy!*


Visual Nutrition

The Joys of iPhone Photography

Harvesting Bounty at the Farmers Market


Life in General

A Flower For Neva Lenora

Letting My Inner Child Out to Play: Roller Skating

Mad for Movies!



Making the Most of a Travel Journal

Collage Basics: Less is More!

Drawing a Blank? Prompts for Writers & Artists



Something Sweet: Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe

Something Sweet: Blueberry-Lemon Muffins Recipe

Something Sweet: Almond Brittle Recipe



Green Craft Project: Upcycled & Embellished Metal Cans

A Helpful Hint for My Fellow Paper Addicts: Making a Paper Swatch Ring

Paper, Glass & Wire Butterflies



A Photographic Tour: Peru

A Photographic Tour: Ireland

A Photographic Tour: New Orleans, Louisiana



Nature’s Lace

Often Overlooked

A Santa Barbara Morning


Ethnic Markets

Little India: So Near, Yet So Far Away


Shopping at a Korean Market


Friendly Giveaway Reminder

My blog birthday giveaway winners will be announced on August 30, 2011 so please enter today.  You could win a $15 iTunes gift card, a pack of my handmade photo notecards, or a $25 Visa gift card!  (Giveaway details/entry HERE) I hope you join the fun…

Warm regards,

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Mad for Movies!


I LOVE watching movies!  I enjoy them whether we watch them at home or in the theater, but I especially enjoy seeing them in the theater: the big screen, stadium seating – the works.  Thankfully, my husband is a movie buff too.  I do see some movies with other people, and some on my own, but José and I usually see movies together and I’m so glad he’s as crazy about movies as I am.

Given that I’m a total movie junkie, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.  Perhaps you’ll watch some of the ones you haven’t already seen and will enjoy them, too.  Here are some of my favorites:

The Princess Bride

When Harry Met Sally

The Sound of Music

Moulin Rouge

The Shawshank Redemption

Big Fish


Whale Rider

Slumdog Millionaire

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Snatch (and no, it’s not x-rated!)

Lars and the Real Girl


Life is Beautiful

Have you seen any of these movies?  Do you love them too?  Please leave a comment!  And please let me know if you watch one of these for the first time after reading this post.  I’d like to hear what you think.

Warm regards,

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Welcome to my blog and website!


For those of you who don’t know me personally, my name is Melody M. Nuñez.  I’m a writer and an artist, and am very excited about my new blog.  My blog will be focused on writing, art, and life in general, as my tagline says.  My future posts will likely include the following – and more!

  • Updates on my attempt to find a literary agent for my collection of illustrated short stories, and posts on the twisty-turny road that leads to getting a book published
  • New photographic images
  • Preparation for and participation in National Novel Writing month this November (Yep, I will write a 50,000 word novel in one month!)
  • Photos of new collages or mixed-media projects I complete, some with before and after photos
  • New articles and creative writing (including haiku!)
  • Self-portraits (I will be participating in self-portrait Friday, posting new images every other Friday)
  • Posts on the odds and ends in my life – books, travel, walking half marathons, movies, baking (I will include photos & recipes), particularly good meals, volunteerism/charitable opportunities, my pet rabbits (Cypress & Pinto), and anything else that strikes my fancy…

I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog.  You may subscribe now by using the feature on the upper right side of this main blog page, or on the separate subscribe page accessed from the menu at the top.  Also, please invite your friends and family to subscribe, too, if you think they might be interested.  The more the merrier!

Before I sign off, I’d like to publicly thank my wonderful husband, José B. Nuñez, for all his help with the renovation of my website, and with the launch of this blog.  He put in an incredible amount of time and effort, and I’m beyond appreciative.  I’m blessed to have such a helpful, talented, and supportive husband. Thank you, José!

Thank you for stopping by, everyone, and please come back soon!  My next post will appear on Tuesday…

Warm regards,

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