I’m pleased to announce that I’ve published my first book!  An Altered Existence: Fictitious Stories About Faces from the Past is a combination of two of my favorite things: art and writing.  It’s available for purchase on – please take a peek!  You may also purchase a signed copy from my Etsy shop.

Text from the back cover:

An Altered Existence is a collection of short stories, each illustrated with a vintage photo.  These photos, also known as cabinet cards, were “orphans” collected from flea markets and antique stores.  They sparked the author’s imagination, and resulted in 14 short stories illustrated with photos “altered” by the author.

· A photo of a bearded man with haunted eyes is paired with a silver key, and a story of a family with hoarding tendencies emerges.

· A wedding portrait of a young couple, combined with a gold wedding band and the words “false” and “true”, yields a tale about a gentle schoolteacher who sets her small town’s rumor mill on fire when she poses for a photo with a local scoundrel, though they’re not engaged or married.

· A young girl’s portrait, when paired with vintage buttons, births a story that many can relate to: loss, and the subsequent struggle to feel whole again.

Look into these 14 portraits from long ago, and venture into the “altered existences” they inspired.  This collection includes stories about life, love, birth, death, salvation, self-acceptance, and taking chances.  Their stories just may be our stories, too…


SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS & BOOK CLUBS:  I’m available for talks at book club meetings in Southern California.  I’m also available to display the 14 altered art illustrations in conjunction with a book signing/author talk.  Please contact me if you’d like to set something up.

ILLUSTRATIONSThe illustrations in my book were created in color, but are shown in black and white within the printed book in the interest of keeping printing costs and retail costs down.  Please click on the thumbnails below to see the illustrations in full color.