Your “Good Deed for the Day” Opportunity Awaits!


Today’s post is a friendly reminder that I’m still accepting donations for my upcoming art journaling class for at-risk children, which will take place in December.  (For a refresher, or if you missed the first post, please read all about it here)  I’m happy to share that readers of both my blog and Jenny Doh’s blog have donated, and I sincerely appreciate all those who have given funds or supplies.  Thank you for your support!

And while we’re off to a great start in providing supplies for the children, additional donations will help me provide them with more of the basics they need, and will help add a bit more “oomph” to their art journaling kits.  Won’t you consider a donation of a gift card or supplies?  Whether you donate $5, a manila envelope full of patterned paper you’re not using, or a $500 gift card to Dick Blick, you’ll help nurture the creativity and overall educational experience of children facing some serious challenges. Please take a peek at the wish list below:

Gift Cards:
Michaels, Target, or Office Max gift cards (in any amount)

Art supplies – in quantities of 45, please:
Crayons (8 count packs)
Patterned paper
Sticker letters
Mini envelopes
Mini inkpads
Foot-long pieces of Punchinella

“Mush pot” art supplies:
Art and crafting supplies in any quantity.  These odds and ends (like paper, ribbon, and other goodies) might come from your personal art stash as you weed out things you aren’t using.

I’ll be accepting donations until November 21, 2010.  Please contact me through this site’s contact page if you’re interested in donating.  I’ll be happy to provide my mailing address.

Thank you for your consideration!

Warm regards,

* The artwork above was created by a student from the 2009-2010 art journaling class

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