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Words to Live By collages


Three of the words I strive to live my life by are love, generosity, and kindness, and I decided to make a series of collages featuring these words.  The collages serve as both affirmations and reminders, and they were fun to make!  This is my most recent Design Team project for crescendoh.com (Studio Crescendoh), and it features the Best Life Alphabet Stamp Set.  Please see detailed photos and the instructions below.

Directions for one collage: Begin by crumpling a piece of tissue paper into a ball, then open and smooth out the sheet.  Using a glue stick, apply glue to the surface of your collage base.  (I used an 8” x 10” canvas panel for my collage base)  Lay your sheet of crinkled tissue over the top of the collage base and press down evenly, ensuring the tissue paper adheres to it.


Trim all but ½“ of the excess paper from around the edges of your collage base.  Wrap the remainder around the sides to the back and glue the tissue down with a glue stick.  Apply a layer of color to your collage surface by rubbing a chalk-finish dye inkpad over your tissue paper base.  Use a light touch, and build your color slowly.  I used Fresco Chalk-Finish dye inkpads.


Create the center of your flower by using a stamp or cutting out card stock in a solid color to your desired size.  I used a lily root purchased at a Korean market to make flower centers by brushing black India Ink onto the cut ends of the root, and stamping onto watercolor paper.


Create the petals of your flower by drawing oval petal shapes onto thick cardstock.  Cut the petals out.  Fold and bend the petals if you’d like them raised and rippled, which provides more texture to the collage.  Arrange them to your liking before attaching the petals to the edge of the flower’s center with Terrifically Tacky Tape.


Cut a flower stem and leaf out of green cardstock.  Position these pieces as desired on the collage base, and then glue down using a glue stick.  Position the flower’s head at the top of the stem, and affix it to the collage using Pop Up Glue Dots.


Cut lengths of ribbon for the top and side of the collage, leaving enough excess to wrap the ribbon around the back.  Attach the “top to bottom” piece first.  Next, stamp your word of choice onto the piece of ribbon that will run along the top of your collage before you affix it to the collage. I used black StazOn ink and the Best Life Alphabet Stamp Set capital letters.  Affix your stamped piece of ribbon to the collage.


Accent the edges of your collage with Metallic Rub-Ons in black.  Affix a button or buttons to your collage with Glue Dots or Terrifically Tacky Tape.




I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at some of my collage techniques, dear readers.  Please feel free to share some of the words that you live by…

Warm regards,

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