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Greetings from Our Live-In Easter Bunny!


It’s fun having two real, live Easter Bunnies living with us year-round.  As you may know, we adopted a bonded pair of rabbits – Cypress & Pinto – in March of last year, and have been drowning in their cuteness ever since!  They have their mischievous moments, to be sure, but they’re so completely adorable that any “bad” behavior is quickly neutralized by their darling faces, their wiggling noses, and their fluffy little tails.


Did I mention their oh-so-soft fur and their playful bunny antics?  Well, they slay us with those things, too.  Their fur is super soft, and when they’re out and about the bunnies almost always have time to stop and get pet – they love being pampered!  The hopping, jumping, running, and exploring they do keeps us in stitches.  And though they’ve lived with us for a while now, I still gently elbow hubby from time to time and say, “Look – we have bunnies in our living room!”  They’re such a sweet and funny sight to see.


With Easter coming up this weekend, I thought it only fitting that I post some Easter Bunny pictures featuring our white female bunny, Cypress.  Pinto posed for Year of the Rabbit pictures a few months ago, and Cypress deserves equal camera time.  Isn’t she a cutie?  She’s bigger and plumper than her sweetie, Pinto, and we call her Plumpy about as often as we call her Cypress.  (The nickname Plumpy was taken from the movie Love Actually).

Hubby, Cypress, Pinto and I wish you a very Happy Easter, whether you celebrate with chocolate, celebrate religiously, or both!

Warm regards,

P.S. We’re getting closer to the drawing for SIX giveaway winners – the drawing will be held this Tuesday, April 26th!  Have you entered both ways yet?  Join in the fun!

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