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Joshua Tree National Park

I recently took a trip out to Joshua Tree National Park for the day, and wow – what a sight! It was my first time there and I was gobsmacked.  My eyes and brain worked overtime to take it all in and process it.  I think I would describe it as a Salvador Dali-esque landscape because it looks kind of surreal.  What was so darn strange about it?  I mean it’s just a plain ol’ desert, right?  Wrong.  The trees and rocks are crazy!

The trees are (naturally) Joshua trees for the most part.  Twisted, “hairy”, and spiky, they were everywhere!  These crazy, odd-looking trees spread out across the landscape as far as my eye could see.  And while you might not think rock formations would boggle my mind, they did.  In direct contrast to the smooth, flowing rock formations I saw years ago in Zion National Park, these rocky wonders were spectacular in their own way.  Instead of a large formation comprised of a few larger pieces and some smaller pieces, many of the rocky formations looked as if thousands of rocks had been gathered and carelessly piled up.


From macro shots of plant life to sweeping shots that drank in the horizon and the sky, I happily wandered, examined, and captured images.









I’m generally not much of a desert girl – given that I wilt in the heat and burn after about 5 minutes in direct sunlight – but I loved my time at Joshua Tree National Park.  I hope to return, and will plan on staying longer next time.

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree National Park?  Are there any other National Parks you particularly love? I’d love to hear about your adventures and favorites…

Warm regards,

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