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Have You Heard of The Life Organizer?

I recently received a review copy of The Life Organizer from the folks at New World Library.  Created by Jennifer Louden, this is not a step-by-step guide on how to neatly organize your life and beat it into submission.  Rather, it’s a guide that focuses on self-kindness and self-care, and helps guide you to the discovery and implementation of that which will bring you happiness.  So much of our lives are “should” and “have to”, and this guide helps you to slow down and ask some questions of yourself that can effect positive change.

Given that the book guides you through 52 weeks of soul searching, and I just received it a few weeks ago, I haven’t had the chance to work through or read everything.  However, some things jumped out at me in the early chapters that may help give you a bit of a feel for The Life Organizer – these are pages whose corners I folded over.  :]

What Life Organizing Is (pg. 14)
Coming into the present
Asking for guidance, help, support
Listening, receiving, opening
Applying, taking the next step
Seeing if the path you are taking fits you, feels right, and aligns with your values
A structure for learning from your inner experience

What Life Organizing Is Not (pg. 10)
A rule
A should
A program
Something that must be done every day or done to make you good or right
About believing anything

Another little bit I liked, from page 18:
Life organizing doesn’t require you to be quiet, to be solemn, or to have a chunk of time.  It is to be used in the midst of all the insanity – that’s the point!

I compiled some of my life insights and my minimum requirements for self-care, as suggested by Ms. Louden, and am looking forward to working through the weekly questions and prompts in the coming year.  If any of this sounds intriguing, helpful, or otherwise sparks your curiosity, please take a moment to learn more about Jennifer Louden’s book The Life Organizer.  And happy reading!

Warm regards,

*I received one complimentary copy of The Life Organizer for review purposes, and will not receive any financial compensation for my participation in the book tour.  My opinions are my own.

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