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Introducing the Newest Member of the CRESCENDOh Design Team!


I’m happy to announce that I was recently asked to join the Design Team at crescendoh.com.  Jenny Doh “proposed”, so to speak, and I happily accepted!

As a Design Team member I’ll use crescendoh.com products to create projects infused with my own personal aesthetic.  I will create something new each month, and will publish posts here that link you to the artwork and instructions.

My first featured project is a grid collage, and I used some of Jenny’s fabulous rubber stamps in my design.  The image above shows a small section of the collage.  Please click here to see Jenny’s unveiling of the piece, and here to see the collage with the directions on how to make a grid collage of your own.

I’m honored to be on the CRESCENDOh Design Team, and hope you enjoy the artwork you’ll see in the coming months!

Warm regards,

p.s. If you haven’t commented on my giveaway post, comment today – you’ll be in the running for Friday’s giveaway drawing!

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Exploring Inspiration – Volume 1


Inspiration is often an elusive thing, and I find it interesting to track the progression from initial inspiration to a finished piece – with my own work, and with the work of others.  I thought I’d share this collage, Dissect, as an example of how one element – one material – can inspire an entire piece of art.

I created this collage early last year, when I was emerging from an artistic drought.  I knew spending time in nature would help restore my creative spirit, and headed to a nearby park that has extensive hiking trails.  Once there, armed with my camera and some plastic bags, I walked the trails to see what would catch my eye.  I gathered a few feathers and a stone or two, but the prize of the day was this odd-looking thing that looked like a cross between a pod and a loofah.  It reminded me of a heart, and I knew it would make a compelling central image for a collage.


From there I decided to take a peek inside, inside myself that is, which I like to do from time to time.  I dissected my heart, figuratively, and created this collage based on what was inside.  Once I knew what aspects I wanted to visually manifest, I dipped into my cache of art supplies.  Here are some of the materials I used, in addition to the found pod:

Base board – the base is thick cardboard, a slightly damage book cover
Background paper, crumpled
A page from a vintage ledger
Masking Tape (for the edge/border of the collage)
Metal tape
Glue dots
Small vellum envelopes
Vintage sheet music
Other ephemera/personal bits
Vintage letter stamps
Metallic rub-ons
Silver tray (I chose this as a frame for the heart, partly because it had a kind of clinical feel – like a tray that might be found in a laboratory)


Assembly took a few hours, and voila!  Dissection complete!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick peek into my creative process. Inspiration will be the topic of some future blog posts, when I’ll share how other pieces of art or writing took seed then bloomed into their finished state.

Warm regards,

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