Still Drawing a Blank? More Prompts for Writers & Artists


Back in September I published a post of prompts for writers and artists.  The post was popular among my readers, so here we go again!  Here are some more prompts that may help get your creative juices flowing again when they’ve turned to sludge.

For writers:

Grab a dictionary, and flip through the pages.  Stop in a random spot, close your eyes, and point to a word on one of the pages.  Jot that word down, then repeat this nine more times.  Write a short story of at least five hundred words that incorporates all ten of the words you randomly selected.  Alternately, you could play a game of Scrabble with a friend or family member and use ten of those words instead.

Write a scene from the perspective of a couple’s pet after they’ve quarreled.  Does this pet take sides and express a clear bias, or remain neutral?  Does he/she know a secret that one person in the couple is hiding and the other person is oblivious to?  How has the fight and/or the secret impacted the “silent” member of the family?

For visual artists:

Take a trip to your local hardware store and browse the aisles, keeping an eye out for an inexpensive item that interests you.  Washers? Sand paper? Wire mesh?  Make a piece of art incorporating this item, something that would pleasantly surprise the unsuspecting manufacturer of the item.  Variation: visit your local thrift store and find something junky that can be used artistically in a new way.

Visit your family’s photographic archives, and select an old photo.  Make a copy (color or black and white), and incorporate it into your artwork somehow, whether you work in watercolor, fabric, collage, or something else entirely.  I used this prompt to create the collage above, which is a housewarming gift for my father, and it features a photo of him as a little boy.

I hope you find these prompts inspiring and fun.  Enjoy!

Warm regards,

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