My Visit with Santa Claus


For some children, getting their picture taken with Santa is a yearly event.  I only had my picture taken with Santa once when I was a child, probably because we didn’t have very much money, but I don’t feel like I missed out at all.  The one picture I do have is darling – at least to me.

“My” Santa had a real beard, and was a kind and jolly-looking fellow – a great emissary for the real Santa.  I was around 4 years old when this photo was taken, and I was clearly happy to see Mr. Claus. He, in turn, was probably happy to have a non-screaming and non-squirming child on his lap!

I had exactly one “fancy” dress back then, this light blue one, but didn’t have the fancy shoes to go with it.  Had I not cropped the photo when I made this scrapbook page years ago, you’d see my scuffed, everyday brown leather shoes peeking out from the hem of my dress.  I loved to dress up as a girl (still do, I suppose), and though this dress/shoes combo was a definite fashion faux pas, I was too young and innocent to know better.  I was just thrilled to be wearing my special dress for my visit to Santa.

This year I had my picture taken with Santa at my office holiday party, but opted not to publish it here on my blog. My inner child and I are very close, which is why I had the picture taken at all, but pictures with Santa aren’t as cute when you’re over five feet tall and it’s no longer proper to sit on his lap!  So this picture from years past will stand in for both past and present.  After all, much of the wonder, joy and excitement contained in that little girl of four still lives inside me today.

My next post will come on Sunday, after Christmas has come and gone, so I’ll wish those of you who celebrate this holiday a very Merry Christmas.  And to those of you who celebrate something else entirely, I hope you enjoy this Saturday as well.

As the year is winding down I’d like to take a moment to thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you, too, for any comments and/or kind words you may have shared since my blog’s launch in August of this year.  I’m glad you’re keeping me company, and appreciate your kind words and feedback.

Warm regards,

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