Letting My Inner Child Out to Play: Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows


Having hot chocolate was such a treat when I was a little girl, especially on cold, rainy days.  One of my favorite parts of the cup of steaming hot chocolate was the addition of marshmallows.  I’d prod the sweet, white pillows with my spoon, helping them dissolve into the chocolate.  The resulting beverage was that much sweeter and creamier.

Now that I’m an adult, my hot chocolate is generally marshmallow-free.  Because I don’t drink coffee I usually order hot chocolate when I go to Starbucks.  It’s tasty, as is the whipped cream they float on the top, but it’s certainly not the same thing as hot chocolate served in a ceramic mug and sprinkled with marshmallows.

The majority of hot chocolate I consume these days is made at home, but the marshmallows are nowhere to be seen. My husband makes delicious Mexican hot chocolate using Abuelita brand chocolate, and we forgo the marshmallows and dunk Mexican sweet bread (pan dulce) into our chocolate instead.  It’s scrumptious!

I’ve embraced this new version of hot chocolate, as I’ve embraced so many of my husband’s family’s traditions, but will always keep a special place in my heart for the hot chocolate of my youth.  Rich, warm, punctuated by the sound of rain and a dotting of marshmallows, this nostalgic beverage will always be a special treat – if only in my memories.

Warm regards,

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