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Guest Post: Learning to Ask for Help


I was recently invited to be a part of a blog tour for an author, Renée Peterson Trudeau, and was happy to accept. Ms. Trudeau’s new book, Nurturing the Soul of Your Family: 10 Ways to Reconnect and Find Peace in Everyday Life, was just released and I’m glad to help spread the word here on my blog.  I’m part way through the book, and am looking forward to reading more!

I had some options when it came to how I’d participate in the blog tour, but quickly settled on an excerpt that Ms. Trudeau’s publisher emailed as possible content.  The title of the excerpt?  Learning to Ask for Help.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not very good at asking for help.  And though hubby and I don’t have children, and our family is just a family of two adults (and two bunnies!), I welcome the insights Ms. Trudeau offers in her new book.

I hope you enjoy the post below…

Warm regards,

Learning to Ask for Help

An Excerpt from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

We all need support — lots of it. We weren’t meant to do everything for ourselves. Assess how you currently navigate challenges: Do you immediately isolate, put on your armor, grab your sword, and head out into the forest to slay the dragon alone? Or do you enlist the help and strategic counsel of other knights and soothsayers who have already weathered similar challenges? What is your typical response to feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and isolated?

Next, consider all the ways you could ask for the help you need. What do you do now that you could do more often, or what new steps could you take? Regardless of the challenge — whether it involves parenting, your career, or a relationship issue —  consider expanding your concept of what it looks and feels like to receive support.

Here are a few ideas on how to ask for and receive help in our everyday lives:

•     Let your boss know you’re overextended at work and you’re concerned this will effect the quality of your work. Specifically, you can ask for help prioritizing tasks, request additional staff support, or tap coworkers for help or ideas on how to streamline processes or tasks.

•     Cultivate an existing friendship, or create a support group that will meet your specific needs.

•     Ask a neighbor, another mom or dad, or a single friend to watch your child when you need help. Don’t feel like you have to reciprocate; just practice receiving. If a friend or neighbor has offered help in the past, don’t be shy about taking them up on it.

•     Reach out to a career, leadership, or business coach for support on making a career change or navigating a challenging phase in your professional life.

•     If you usually handle the cooking, ask your partner to make a meal for the family — and then stay out of the kitchen. Let go!

•     If you have a big house chore to handle, like cleaning out your garage or weeding your yard, create a “work crew” of friends. Reward them with a party afterward, and/or offer to swap house tasks the following weekend.

•     For family or parenting issues, ask for support and ideas from a parenting educator or coach. Often churches or local nonprofits offer this for free. If you’re unsure, ask potential mentors to lunch to get to know them first.

•     If you want more emotional or practical help from your partner, set up a date to talk about this and brainstorm ways you could support each other to bring more flow and ease to your days (sometimes you may simply need emotional support).

•     Get your kids involved. Ask them to help fold the laundry, vacuum a room, help with dinner prep, or water the plants. Kids are never too young to share in household or family responsibilities.

•     Practice saying yes! The next time someone offers you something — to buy you coffee or lunch, to watch your cat, to help you move, and so on — accept the gift, smile, and say thank you!

In our Personal Renewal Groups for women, we designate one entire month for “Building a Support Network.” Because so many of us find it hard to receive without feeling that we have to immediately give in return, the homework challenge is to practice receiving support by “allowing” others to help — picking up the kids, running an errand, mailing a package at the post office, receiving a meal — and not reciprocating. I believe because we’re so conditioned to do for others and often put ourselves last, women always find this really difficult. Yet at the same time, they share how deeply rewarding it is to help out and support others just for the joy of it — with no expectation of receiving anything in return. In everyday life, there’s nothing wrong with offering to return a favor (“Thanks for watching Scott; I’ll be happy to watch Elijah next week”), and most people do this often, but I challenge you to balance this with learning the art of receiving without feeling that you owe the other person a thing.

The more comfortable we become modeling giving and receiving with ease, the more our children will learn to do this, too. It’s like building up your support muscle — it takes time and practice.

Maddy, a friend who facilitates our self-renewal circles, once told me she found her four-year-old daughter, Ella, creating a circle on the floor with all of her dolls and animals propped up on pillows. Ella said proudly, “Look, Mama, they’re having a Personal Renewal Group meeting to help each other!”

# # #

Life balance coach/speaker Renée Peterson Trudeau is the author of the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family.  Thousands of women in ten countries are participating in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, the award-winning The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. Visit her online at

Excerpted from the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family ©2013 Renée Peterson Trudeau.  Published with permission of New World Library


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An Altered Existence – Giveaway Winners!


Thanks to everyone who entered my book’s giveaway.  It was a treat to read your wonderful comments!
It is my pleasure to announce the lucky giveaway winners.  The following three people have each won a signed copy of my new book, An Altered Existence: Fictitious Stories About Faces from the Past.

1. Mayah
2. Debbie M.
3. Amie*

For those of you whose name I didn’t draw, please visit my books’s page and consider purchasing a copy – I’d really appreciate it.  Big thanks to those who’ve already ordered a copy!  :]


If you’re planning to buy  – or have already purchased – a copy of my book from, but would like it signed, I can provide a signed bookplate/label for you to put in your book.  Simply send me a SASE – I’d be happy to send a signed book plate your way!  Here’s my mailing address:

Melody M. Nuñez
P.O. Box 60030
Irvine, CA 92602

Happy reading, y’all!

Warm regards,

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Books & Bunnies!


Greetings from Book Central!

I received my first big shipment of books on Monday, which will be used to help promote the book, and I’m so excited!  Feedback on my book has been very positive thus far, and I’m a happy camper.  I’m looking forward to sharing my “baby” with more people in the coming months, so I also ordered some bookmarks and postcards to help with that.  They arrived last weekend and I think they look fab.  Hubby did such a great job on them!


In other book-related news, some (very) informal market research has been done, and two out of two bunnies surveyed find my new book delicious!  ;]



So, have you entered my giveaway yet?  I’m giving away 3 signed copies of An Altered Existence: Fictitious Stories About Faces from the Past, and will announce the winners this Tuesday, March 5, 2013.  Please enter now by commenting on this link’s post, if you haven’t already!  :]

I hope you have a great weekend, dear readers…

Warm regards,

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The Launch of My Book! And a Giveaway!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00069]

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my book, which is now available on!
The title of my book is An Altered Existence: Fictitious Stories About Faces from the Past.  It’s a combination of both my writing and altered art, and I’m so happy to see the project come to fruition!

About the Book (from the back cover)

An Altered Existence is a collection of short stories, each illustrated with a vintage photo.  These photos, also known as cabinet cards, were “orphans” collected from flea markets and antique stores.  They sparked the author’s imagination, and resulted in 14 short stories illustrated with photos “altered” by the author.

  • A photo of a bearded man with haunted eyes is paired with a silver key, and a story of a family with hoarding tendencies emerges.
  • A wedding portrait of a young couple, combined with a gold wedding band and the words “false” and “true”, yields a tale about a gentle schoolteacher who sets her small town’s rumor mill on fire when she poses for a photo with a local scoundrel, though they’re not engaged or married.
  • A young girl’s portrait, when paired with vintage buttons, births a story that many can relate to: loss, and the subsequent struggle to feel whole again.

Look into these 14 portraits from long ago, and venture into the “altered existences” they inspired.  This collection includes stories about life, love, birth, death, self-acceptance, salvation, and taking chances.  Their stories just may be our stories, too…*


In honor of the launch/release of my book, I’m going to give away THREE signed copies!  In order to enter, simply leave a comment here on this post.  The winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, so please enter by Monday, March 4th.  Good luck!

Please spread the word!

I’d really appreciate it if you’d share the news about my new book with family, friends, fiction readers, book clubs, and artists – anyone that might enjoy my illustrated collection of short stories.  Thank you in advance!
I hope you all have a wonderful week…*
Warm regards,
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I’m Publishing a Book – Soon!


Happy Thursday, dear readers!

If you’ve been following this blog since the very beginning you know that I wrote a collection of illustrated short stories some years back, and shopped the collection around to agents in hopes of landing a book deal.  The results were both encouraging and discouraging.  Folks liked my writing, illustrations, and book concept – that was the good news.  The bad news is that readers seldom buy short story collections unless the writer is very well known, so publishers very rarely publish them.  I accepted the fact that I’d have to find another way to publish and put the project aside for a time.
Fast forward about three years to now, when self-publishing is much more common, accepted, and is much easier to do.  I decided to take the plunge and publish my book through Amazon’s Create Space, as an early 40th birthday present to myself, and hope to have the book available for sale on by February 28th.  I’m SO excited!  My wonderfully talented husband, José, has been designing the book cover and laying out the book for me (he’s both artistic and tech savvy) and it’s been a thrill to see the book really coming to life.
I’ll post a sneak peek at the cover here soon, but just wanted to mention it now, so it’s on your radar.  I’m keeping the title, illustration concept and other details under wraps just a wee bit longer, but will reveal more very soon.  I’ll likely post photos when my proof copy arrives, and will be interested to see what you think of the book’s cover design.  I think hubby has done a phenomenal job on it.
As part of my book’s launch I’ll be giving away a copy (or three!) here on my blog, and hope you’ll enter to win!  I’ll also be adding a special BOOK page to my website’s main page.  Publishing and publicizing this book is going to be a learning experience, I’m sure.  Have any of you out there published or self-published?  Do you have any suggestions for a newbie author?  I’d appreciate your feedback and insight.  As for those of you who are readers and book buyers, do you buy hard copies or do you buy books for an e-reader like a Kindle, Nook, or tablet? Thanks in advance!
Warm regards,
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Adventures in Healing


Greetings!  I hope you’re all enjoying the summer.  Just thought I’d pop in with a quick hello and update. My first surgery was a month ago, and it’s been a challenge to take it easy.  How does a gal who’s used to doing so much with her hands spend her time when she can’t use them?  Here’s some of what I’ve been up to…

Reading: I’ve read several novels, including the wonderfully imaginative book The Night Circus.

Movies: I’ve watched several movies on DVD and some in the theater.  The movie Robot and Frank (which we saw in the theater) was particularly enjoyable!

TV: We no longer have cable, but have watched the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the United States of Tara on Netflix streaming.  We’re also a few seasons into How I Met Your Mother. Oh, and I’m looking forward to the new season of Survivor, which starts on September 19th!

Documentaries: I’ve watched video biographies on Frida Kahlo, Monet, Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Van Gogh. I also watched a documentary on Yellow Fever, of all things.

Making left-handed art while my right hand mends: Here are a few iPhone photos of the somewhat messy, smooshy pages I created with my non-dominant hand (including the collage image up top).



I’ve also spent some time basking in the ridiculously abundant cuteness of my rabbits.  Aren’t they adorable?


Cypress – AKA Plumpie – stretches out…


Pinto was ready for his closeup!

The next surgery, on my left hand, will be mid-month.  (At least this time I know what to expect!)  I can’t wait to get back to work and to life in general.  I’ve got art to create, things to bake, photos to take, and public school children to teach art to! :]  In the meantime please feel free to comment if you’d like to suggest a book or movie – I’d be glad to hear from you.

Warm regards,

p.s Please keep my at-risk public school students in mind if you’re out shopping for school supplies or other goodies.  I’ll be hosting another Art Supply Drive in October, and would love to receive your donations of glue sticks (we need LOTS of these), Crayola crayon 8-packs, etc.  If you’re interested, you can see a wish list at the bottom of this page.  Thanks so much!

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Mod Podge Rocks! Giveaway Winners


It’s my pleasure to announce the two winners of my Mod Podge Rocks! Giveaway.

Sandy L. has won First Prize: A copy of Mod Podge Rocks!, a Mod Podge Sampler pack, Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium, Mat Antique Mod Podge, and Mod Podge Washout for Kids

Connie A. has won 2nd Prize: Glow-in-the Dark Mod Podge, Dimensional Magic Mod Podge in Gold, Mod Podge Jewel Glue, Mod Podge Repositionable Glue, and Mod Podge Craft Clue

Congrats, ladies!  Please email me your mailing addresses through my contact page, and I’ll send your prizes out.

Thanks to all who entered, and please keep an eye out for my July giveaway – I usually have a giveaway each month!  And thanks again to Amy Anderson, Plaid, and Lark Crafts!

Warm regards,

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Mod Podge Rocks! Book & Product Giveaway


This is a fun one, folks!  Not only do I get to share information about Amy Anderson’s new book Mod Podge Rocks!, I’ll be giving away a copy of Mod Podge Rocks! as well as some Mod Podge products!  This giveaway will have TWO winners – woo hoo!

First things first: Amy Anderson, the queen of all things Mod Podge, has a new book out.  I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy to preview, in addition to receiving a copy to give away, and really enjoyed pouring over the pages of the book.  Mod Podge and I go way back – back to my college days when I was working my way through school and jumping into crafting with both feet.  Though I’m now both an artist and a crafter I’m happy to say I’m still working with Mod Podge products, and am really happy with the book Amy’s put together.

128 pages, full color, and full of over 40 fab projects – I really love this book!  Not only has Ms. Anderson created several projects for the book herself, contributing designers like Cathie Filian and Jenny Doh, and Heather Mann share the fun they had creating with Mod Podge, too.  There’s also a Gallery at the back of the book, which includes even more project ideas by several craft bloggers.

One of the ways I “judge” a crafting book is whether or not I’d actually make projects from its pages.  You probably know just what I’m talking about.  Some books contain projects that you like but don’t actually see yourself making, and some books miss the mark completely.  Mod Podge Rocks! contains several projects I’d like to make (and plan to make), and is full of great information about technique and the different Mod Podge products as well.

Some of my favorite projects include the Children’s Art Charm Bracelet (page 25), the Retro Floral Outdoor Chair (page 82), the Be a Deer Suitcase (page 86), and the Pumpkin and Ghost Luminaries (page 123) – and there are many more!  Which projects will be your favorites?

One Giveaway, Two Winners!

Yep, this giveaway will have two winners: First and Second prize!

First Prize: A copy of Mod Podge Rocks!, a Mod Podge Sampler pack, Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium, Mat Antique Mod Podge, and Mod Podge Washout for Kids!

Second Prize: Glow-in-the Dark Mod Podge, Dimensional Magic Mod Podge in Gold, Mod Podge Jewel Glue, Mod Podge Repositionable Glue, and Mod Podge Craft Clue



To enter the giveaway, please complete these two easy steps:

1. Subscribe to my blog here.
2. Leave a comment on this post.

The two winners will be announced on Thursday, June 21, 2012.  Big thanks to Amy AndersonLark Crafts, and Plaid for providing a wonderful book and fun products for me to share with my readers!  Good luck, dear readers, and Happy Mod Podging, ya’ll!

Warm regards,

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Creating Time – Giveaway Winner!


I’m pleased to announce the winner of my May Giveaway.  Congratulations, Celena!  You’ve won a copy of Marney Makridakis’ book, Creating Time!  Once I receive your mailing address via email I’ll send your book out, and hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to all who entered the giveaway.  Please keep an eye out for next month’s giveaway!

Warm regards,

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Creating Time Q and A & Book Giveaway!


Greetings, dear readers!  Today’s post celebrates the release of Marney Makridakis’ new book, Creating Time: Using Creativity to Reinvent the Clock and Reclaim Your Life.  Not only can you read an insightful Q and A with Marney (provided by her publicist), I’m also hosting a giveaway for my advance copy of the book!  I first became acquainted with Marney around ten years ago, and was pleased to have a poem and the accompanying photograph published in an issue of her zine, Artella.  Congratulations on your new book, Marney!

Q and A with Marney Makridakis – Author of Creating Time

Why did you write Creating Time?

Like most people, time has been a big challenge for me throughout my adult life, but it escalated to an extreme after I gave birth to my first child in 2008, and struggled in vain to find the time to “do it all”. I devoured every time management book I could get my hands on, but still found myself exhaustively chasing time. I finally put myself on mission to find a new solution, and began to explore ways that I could apply my best resource (imagination) to my biggest problem (time). I passionately researched and experimented with imagining, viewing, and experiencing time in new ways, and at last, felt time expand and change at my design. I created an online course to help others do the same and saw that other people had success with these techniques as well. After that, I finally felt able to sit down and write a longer work that developed these ideas much more fully. Creating Time is for people who feel like they don’t have enough time to live the kinds of lives they want to live. I want everyone to know: when we don’t have time, we have to create it, and the incredible news is that we can do so using one of the greatest resources ever to exist on our planet: human creativity.

It seems like time is going by faster than ever these days. Why do you think that is and what can we do about it?

As I researched the different elements that seem to affect our perception of the flow of time, I pinpointed several key factors, one of the most significant being the difference between focused and scattered time. When we are focused on just one thing, time seems to move more slowly; on the other hand, when our focus is scattered, time seems to move more quickly. These sensations seem to be true whether we’re talking about hours, days, months, or years. At this point in our planet’s social evolution, we are constantly taking in much more information than ever before on an internal level, constantly being stimulated with new thoughts, feelings and ideas. At the same time, we are being asked to multi-task on the external level, as more and more demands are made on our daily productivity. The result is a near-constant state of extreme scattered focus, which in turn makes time feel like it is moving very quickly. On the one hand, multi-tasking may make us feel more productive, that satisfying feeling is typically rather fleeting, as the very act of multi-tasking makes us feel like we have even less time, as our dispersed focus plays tricks on our perception. The solution lies in a blissful state of being less aware of time itself but more aware of the present moment. Connecting right here to this moment and focusing on one single thing, as if we had all the time in the world, makes time slow down and give us all that we need.

What does “Creating Time” mean?

To me, it means that there is amazing power held by each of us to imagine, create, and completely reshape the way we experience time. For too long we have been servants of time when in fact, time that can and should serve us. We can finally drop all the archaic view and limitations of time that have held us back from fully embracing the wild beautiful truth: time is not a defined line; it is instead a vibrant, completely moldable, layered, multi-faceted work of art that is in your hands to create and design, each and every day.

How is your book different from a typical “time management” book?

Time-management books, as well as the latest time-tracking and productivity aids, can certainly be of help to us on the practical level, but they are limited in their long-term effectiveness, since the true nature of time extends beyond the chronological hours displayed in our calendars, wristwatches and smart phones. I really wanted to dive into the psychological, philosophical and emotional aspects of time, to help readers come away with a liberating new view of self and a fresh perspective on the meaning of being human, empowered, and fully alive. So while the book is definitely filled with practical, hands-on tips for creating more time in your day, it’s also about finding a new way to experience time in its entirety, your full time on this earth…shifting our focus away from how we spend time to instead reveling in what we receive from our time. And, besides, most time management books won’t guide you to make collages and design offbeat new clocks and creative time-pieces! While intensely practical, I also wanted the 14 time shifting projects in this book to be a lot of fun and inspire a sense of playful abandon and freedom.

Professionally, you work primarily with artists, writers and creative individuals. Does someone have to think of him/herself as “creative” to benefit from your teachings?

Absolutely not! The conclusion of each chapter presents an “ARTsignment,” which is an art project designed to activate and expand self-awareness and transformation. ARTsignments, which are at the core of my ARTbundance approach of self-discovery through creativity, offer a powerfully effective way to internalize and absorb a process and truly take it in. I’ve discovered that engaging our minds, imaginations, and bodies through physically creating art catalyzes an unmistakable transition from simply reading a concept to absorbing and becoming it, and this is true for anyone, not just people who think they are creative or artistic. Through the creative projects in this book, absolutely anyone can enjoy the adventure of being transported through creativity, and this has very large and valuable implications regarding time “traveling” and time creation. Each ARTsignment combines a step-by-step introspective process; interactive journal questions; and a unique, hands-on art project that pulls you directly into the full dimensions of time, extending the breadth of its meaning and experience. You don’t need to be an “artist” to tap into the transformative power of creativity! In these projects, the emphasis is completely on the process rather than the product, and their transformation power holds true whether you are sketching stick figures on a paper napkin, making a collage of magazine cutouts, painting on a canvas, or creating an elaborate mixed media sculpture.

What are the main challenges with time that you’ve identified, and how does this book address them?

To personalize the reader’s process, Creating Time contains a “Time Diagnosis Chart” which identifies 14 of the most popular time complaints, and recommends which of the book’s tools are most effective in addressing them. I find it interesting that, while everyone’s specific time complaints are unique, they usually boil down to one very primal theme: I don’t have enough time to live the life I want to live. For most people, time is the biggest challenge in fulfilling their potential. Whatever improvements or changes we want to make in our lives, it often seems to go back to the topic of time; we need time to exercise and eat right, time to establish and strengthen relationships, time to pursue a meaningful hobby, time to follow a dream. Our perceived lack of, and limitations on, time affect all areas of our lives, especially our hopes and dreams. Time is the ultimate scapegoat when things aren’t going our way. But this book shows that time is also is the ultimate resource when we can tap into its expansiveness and partner with it in new ways.

How did you incorporate science into your book? What does science have to do with “creating time”?

From Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, to the modern quantum physics notion that the observer has an effect on the observed, to the scientific breakdown of how light reflection works…these are just a few examples of scientific studies that found their way into the book as foundations of the idea that we can, indeed, create our own experience of time. I even conducted a few creative time experiments of my own, and the book invite readers to try out the experiments for themselves, in addition to reviewing the data gathered. Art and science are the two pillars on which Creating Time is built. To use a metaphor of a clock, I see the art component in this book as being the face of the clock, helping us see what new time can look like. Science is like the clock pendulum, drawing us back to the earth, rhythmically keeping us connected to life’s mysteries.

Explain the concepts of kronos and kairos and their relationship to “creating time”.

The Greeks have two words for time: kronos (sequential, linear time; from this we get the English word, “chronology”) and kairos (non-linear, numinous time that is not measured or bound). These terms provide a helpful starting point for expanding our sense of time. Simply asking ourselves questions like, “Am I in kronos or kairos right now?” and “What might happen if I switched into the other state of time in this moment? What new ideas or insights does that bring to light?” is an easy, yet powerful way to start partnering with time in a new way.

What do you most hope that readers take away from this book?

I hope that readers will come away with a new sense of a time, as well as practical tools to put this new approach into action, both in their day-to-day lives and into their fuller spectrum of meaning and purpose in life. When we are not slaves to time, when we are not chasing time and wishing time was different, we finally set our souls free to live the lives we’re meant to life. We enter into a new realm of possibility, partnering with time to create a life filled with awareness and fullness, instead of an inherent sense of lack, worry and dread. Believe it or not, time is in your hands, and you can mold, craft, and create time to be just about anything you would like it to be.


Marney K. Makridakis is the author of Creating Time. She founded the Artella online community for creators of all kinds and the print magazine Artella. A popular speaker and workshop leader, she created the ARTbundance approach of self-discovery through art.


And now, back to Melody…

Creating Time is a thought-provoking read, and it’s inspired me to reconsider my perception of and use of time.  Though I’m a big scheduler and planner, and always strive to be punctual, Marney’s book reminded me that I’m often happiest when I lose track of time.  When I’m creating art and writing time drifts away and I’m just living in the moment – enjoying my creative endeavors.  This is some of my favorite time of all, and Creating Time reinforced the fact that I’m on the right track with how I’m spending much of my free time!

Giveaway: How to Enter

To enter the giveaway for a copy of Marney’s wonderful book, please complete both of the following steps:

1.  Subscribe to my blog.
2. Leave a comment on this post.

I will draw a winner at random, and will announce the winner on Thursday, May 17, 2012.

Thank you, Marney, for inviting me to participate in your book’s blog tour – what a treat!  And good luck with the giveaway, everyone!

Warm regards,


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