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Blessed Be the Bunnies…

If you follow my blog you probably know that hubby and I have two pet rabbits.  We adopted Cypress and Pinto from a shelter back in 2010, and have been enjoying their wascally wabbit antics since then.  They’re definitely a big part of our little family.  Happily, we had a unique (to me) opportunity to show […]

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Pumpkin Crumble Cake

Greetings, dear readers!  In honor of Autumn, and the commencement of the “all things pumpkin” season, I’m sharing a recipe for a pumpkin cake today.  No, this is not a cake in the traditional sense of the word – it’s kind of a mixture of a pumpkin pie and a crumble topping.  However, it’s yummy […]

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DIY Vintage Button Rings

Greetings, everyone!  I hope all is well with you and yours.  Today I’m sharing some Vintage Button Rings I made, and hope you enjoy this peek at my latest crafting endeavor. If you’ve been following my blog for some time now, you’re probably not a bit surprised to see me share this post.  After all, […]

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A New Assemblage & Etsy Shop Sale!

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve been enjoying your summer.  It’s been pretty hot here in Southern California for the past few months, and I’m definitely ready for cooler temperatures.  I hope we have a cool fall and winter, and hope we get some much needed rain! New Assemblage * Today I’m sharing my most recent […]

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DIY Patio Railing Planters Part 2 – Herb Pots

Greetings, dear readers!  I hope this blog post finds you well and happy.  Today I’m sharing the next installation in our DIY patio garden efforts.  In case you missed part one, this is what the patio looked like with the one row of larger planters (below). Once we’d gotten the main, large planters in (shared […]

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DIY Patio Railing Planters

Confession: I’ve had a platonic crush on gardens for some time now.  I love nature, and longed for space to grow things – including veggies.  However, given that I’ve lived in apartments virtually all my life, and that we have our bunnies on our patio during the day, growing veggies wasn’t in the cards. All that […]

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Graham Cracker Toffee Bars Recipe

Holy moly, these are good!  I saw this recipe on Pinterest, and had to give it a try.  I’m so glad I did.  Not only are these bars totally scrumptious, they’re quick and easy to make as well.  I love that combination in recipes.  :] So far I’ve only made them with pecans, as called […]

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Santa Ana Art Journal Show

I visited my Santa Ana school last Friday, and attended art journal shows for all four of my fourth grade classes.  It was super exciting to have all 4th graders participate in art journaling this year, and feedback from the children and their teachers was incredible.  The kids had a blast creating art and expressing themselves, […]

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Picking Up a Needle & Thread

I’ve never been much of a sewer or a stitcher. I consider this a bit of a deficiency in my creative skill set, particularly since my grandmother was such a talented seamstress. She started when she was young, and passed her sewing knowledge on to my mom. The buck stopped there, however. The sum total […]

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Ontario Art Journal Show & Program Update

I recently visited the school in Ontario where I have two classrooms of 4th grade art journaling students. It was the day of our art journaling shows, and a great time was had by all! I loved seeing the amazing pages my young students had created. They were excited to share, and naturally I had […]

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