A Change of Plans

I’m a planner and a scheduler.  I keep a personal calendar and a blog calendar, and function best when I have things mapped out at least a few months in advance.  Part of this is just personal preference and how I work best and part is common sense and survival.  In addition to working full-time, I also create, bake and/or take photos weekly for my blog, and build/publish two blog posts per week.  I work on my art journaling program for kids, and do other “normal life” types of things on an on-going basis as well.  If I wasn’t planning things out and staying on track it would be total chaos – either that or things just wouldn’t get done!  🙂

That said, sometimes you have to deviate from the calendar and revise your plan.  Last weekend l was planning on driving up to East LA to go to an ethnic market for an upcoming blog post feature, but Mother Nature brought rain – something of a rarity here in Southern California.  Rather than battle through traffic, up freeways full of drivers who are rarely cautious enough while driving in the rain, I decided to hunker down and enjoy a rare “stay in your PJs and watch some movies” day with hubby.  He suggested it, and I quickly grasped this idea’s merit.  East LA is only 45 minutes away, but that could’ve easily become two or more hours – each way – if traffic was a mess.


Instead we cuddled up on the sofa, watched a few movies, and enjoyed some warm brownies à la mode. It was much more relaxing than dealing with traffic!

I’ve already rescheduled my trip up to East LA because I still want to experience the market in question and share it with you, dear readers.  In the meantime, I’m glad I had the good sense to enjoy a rainy day by staying warm, cozy and relaxed at home…

Warm regards,

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  1. Posted March 22, 2012 at 10:02 am by Robert Stockton | Permalink

    I can’t remember how I first came across your blog, but I have been enjoying it for awhile now. As someone interested in art journaling, and mixed media, I know that you would enjoy a blog called The Altered Page, run by a guy named Seth Apter, out of NYC, if you are not already aware of it. He has just published his first book, “The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.” He is currently presenting the 31 “spotlight” artists from the book in a series of posts: “31 Artists in 31 Days.” But, of course, I may have come accross your blog on his blog, in which case you already know all of this! Anyway, thought I would mention this, and also take the opportunity to tell you how much I have been enjoying your blog, as well!

  2. Posted March 22, 2012 at 10:07 am by Amanda | Permalink

    What movies did you watch? Anything good? Sounds like you had a fantastic time at home with the hubby. 🙂

  3. Posted March 22, 2012 at 5:55 pm by Melody | Permalink

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for commenting and reading my blog! Funny that you mentioned Seth Apter and his new book since I’ll be the April 10th stop on Seth’s blog tour. Woo hoo!

  4. Posted March 22, 2012 at 5:58 pm by Melody | Permalink

    I said “movies”, but we actually watched Breaking Dawn and the bonus materials disk, which was nearly movie length! We started on the Twilight Saga because of my then-teeaged niece. 🙂

  5. Posted March 22, 2012 at 6:47 pm by Amanda | Permalink

    I was kinda disappointed with Breaking Dawn, at the end it felt like tele novella (not sure if I spelled that right?) My favorite is still the second one. Hey! Let me know when you go to that market, I would love to meet up!

  6. Posted March 22, 2012 at 7:48 pm by Melody | Permalink

    All the movies in the saga are laughable in spots, and Breaking Dawn was no exception. That said, the wedding decor was beautiful! The front of that dress was not-so-stellar but the back was lovely. Will let you know about the market!